Things to Know About MBBS Abroad

It may sound a bit ironical but it’s rather true that studying MBBS Abroad is much cheaper than studying MBBS in India. It’s not a myth but a reality that every Indian student should know. It has been perceived that when a student opts for MBBS from a deemed University in India, they pay seventy percent more. However, this cost reduces if they choose to study MBBS in Abroad.

All because of this it becomes little difficult for a student to make their choices. They are left with a few option and one among them is to opt for a Government Medical College in India or another option is to seek admission in another country. However, if a student picks up the former option, they need to keep themselves ready for the tough competitive exam which is not easy to crack as the number of these Government Medical Colleges can be counted on finger tips and they are quite less when compared with the number of aspirants.

In the year 2016, approx 25000 seats for MBBS were allotted in Government Medical College against over 6.5 Lakh students in the country. In fact, in 2015, around 6 Lakh aspirants appeared for the most renowned AIPMT test and the number of seats available was around 50000, and out of this only 25000 seats have been allotted by the Government colleges, which is quite less in number.

Always remember that now it is mandatory for every undergraduate medical student to clear NEET, National Eligibility Entrance Test and it will remain common for the aspirants seeking Admission in MBBS in all medical college of India. Therefore, if you have any plan to take Admission in MBBS, with minimum fees, either go for Indian Medical entrance test and study relentlessly, without any guarantee of success or opt for Study MBBS Abroad.

If you study MBBS from a private University, you not only spend much but you also have to compromise with the quality of education. On the other hand MBBS in Abroad is quite cheaper and when it comes to education and teaching quality, you can count on it blindly as it matches the standard of AIIMs and many other renowned medical colleges of India.

Here are a few tips for you when selecting a country to Study MBBS Abroad:

  • First and most important, do proper research when pursuing MBBS education in Abroad.
  • Make sure the University or the institute is recognized for the quality of its education by IMED, MCI, WHO, the European Union or any other International Medical board so that employment opportunities for a student is not at stake because of non-recognition.
  • The University should have a huge scope in the healthcare industry when it comes to technological advancements and innovation in hospitals.
  • The curriculum of education should be competent enough so that the student can imbibe extensive learning from the internal and external sources as well

If you do you research work in a systematic way, you’ll definitely find the University that suits your need. However, you can also opt for the local Overseas MBBS Consultancy and navigate your search well by finding the best options to Study MBBS Philippines, get Admission in Ukraine, seek MBBS in Russia, and many other foreign countries.