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It could make you feel silly or garbage reply, but it’s true! Indian medical universities are the best. Students strive to enter the Government Medical College, if they do not, try to access affordable private medical schools, or through administration to obtain admission.

SEED – Sustainable Education & Economic Development welcomes you to the website that lets you get direct admission to MBBS courses in foreign university.

And trust us: A doctor should heal/treat patients where he is going to practice, which helps him and his patients a lot!

MBBS degree is one of the most sought after courses in Indian education system. However, the success ratio of getting a seat is far below than 1 percent. That’s why students are rushing and keen to get admission in universities outside India and we, SEED, act as a bridge between the potential students and top notched universities.

Why are Indian Students Interested in MBBS Admission Abroad?

Study MBBS in Europe is a great option because the cost structure of medical programs at universities approved by MCI is quite affordable. Also, there is no doubt about the excellent quality of medical education when it comes to the best universities that offer MBBS degrees in other countries. Along with this, world-renowned medical universities provide world-class infrastructure for students. As a matter of fact, around an average of 10,000 Indian students are opting for MBBS colleges abroad each year.

According to statistics, among ten lakhs students who appear in various entrance exams In India, only 5% of them are admitted to the best institutes. Also, private colleges in the country have enormous donation costs, apart from annual fees. Unlike India, most countries do not require candidates to pass an admission exam, since an MBBS in USA for Indian students is purely based on the results of the upper secondary examination. In addition, they do not require a capitation fee and have fairly low tuition costs, compared to Indian medical colleges.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of living in these countries is not high compared to our nation. Depending on the lifestyle, a student can survive with an affordable cost of living while studying MBBS abroad. Finally, students also have the opportunity to learn from people belonging to different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. This, by itself, provides the much needed international exposure required to succeed in today’s competition.

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