Mechanics simple Harmonic Motion Rotational Motion Wave Motion gravitation Sound Superimposition of Waves Nature of Light Interference of Light Waves Diffraction and Polarisation Radiation Physics of Atom Nuclear Physics Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction Universe Properties of Matter Electronics-kinematics Astronomy.


Fundamental Concepts Atomic Structure and Periodic Classification Chemical Bonding Acids and Bases Stoichiometry Chemical Equilibrium Chemical Thermodynamics Chemical Kinetics Surface Chemistry Electro Chemistry Chemistry of Non-metals Chemistry of Metals Organic Chemistry Natural Products Applied Chemistry S Block Elements Organic Halogen Compounds.


Vegetative Morphology (Root-Stem Leaf)- Flower Fruits Taxonomy Anatomy (Root-Stem Leaf) Genetics Physiology (Absorption Transpiration Photosynthesis Respiration Growth) Ecology.


Cell Biology Human Physiology-Nutrition and digestion Digestive System Respiration Circulation of Blood) Human Physiology (Excretion Nervous coordination Meninges Reproduction) Genetics (Sex determination sex linked inheritance ploidy Gene Mutation Blood Groups) Embryology (Gametogenesis Types of vertebrate eggs Fertilisation Cleavage Gastrulation Organogenesis) Environment in Relation to Human Welfare (Communicable Diseases Contamination types of diseases Airborne diseases) Vector Borne Diseases (Vector borne diseases Contact Diseases Sexually transmitted diseases Non-Communicable diseases Pollution)