Procedure for MBBS Admission in Foreign Countries

Hello, I am Mrs. Neelam Saini a Science teacher teaching Biology to Class 11 & 12 students in a prominent school in Mumbai.

Almost all students who take PCB stream aspire to become a Doctor. Unfortunately, in India there are very few seats for medical aspirants and there are large number of candidates who wish to pursue MBBS and become a Doctor.

Getting MBBS admission in India is very tough and every year many parents and students ask my views and suggestions that what should their ward do as he has failed to get MBBS admission in India but he / she is adamant that he wants to become a Doctor.

During my so many years of experience as a Science teacher in a reputed top Indian School,
I have had the opportunity to attend a lot of seminars abroad and most of these were organized at various medical universities.

During my visits I was surprised to find that many Indian students study MBBS Abroad. During one of my such visits to Kyrgyzstan I was surprised many Indian students are doing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan as it is not only cost effective but also recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India). Later during my visit I happened to meet Indian Embassy officials at a dinner hosted for the delegates attending the seminar and while interacting with Embassy officials I discovered that many there are nearly 5,000 Indian students doing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan as the quality of education is good and at par with world standards.

After knowing these facts and figures, I got curious and decided to do some research on the factors that Indian students consider before taking MBBS Admission Abroad.

Safety & security, MCI recognition, quality of education, reputation of a University and recognition of a degree worldwide are the key factors taken into consideration to Study MBBS Abroad.

MBBS Admission Abroad procedure is very simple as there is no entrance exam. Admission in most Universities & Medical Colleges are based on Class 12 result of a student and further I was surprised to find that MBBS Abroad expenses are very reasonable as compared to the fees of private medical colleges in India.

During my various trips to European countries, I met many Indian students doing MBBS in Europe. I interacted with a lot of Indian students with I whom met during the breaks in the Seminars and during interaction learnt that these colleges have state of the art modern curriculum, emphasis is laid on practical training, student: teacher ratio and after obtaining degree of MBBS in Europe, they easily get jobs in India after clearing MCI Screening Test.

After personally interacting and experience gained from trips to these foreign medical, I now, always recommend any parent / student who has not secured a seat in India to study MBBS abroad.