Dated: 03/08/2017

Top 5 Reasons Why 90% Seats are not Filled in Deemed Universities in India

As per recent acknowledgement and data of MBBS admission in India, more than 90% seats of MBBS/BDS in deemed universities are left vacant. The last date to resign the allotted seats ended on 22nd July and now the second round of counseling has also begun. Being such a populous country having the second rank worldwide and apart from that being the world’s largest population of youths, still, the medical seats are remaining vacant. This has raised various questions and it has become a matter of concern and debate.

Are the students no more interested in Medical studies? Are the deemed universities not providing the required education? Don’t they provide the genuine degrees? Do MBBS aspirants are preferring to study MBBS in abroad universities rather than getting admitted in deemed universities? These are the usual questions as a result of curiosity. After having a detailed analysis, we have been able to find out some credible reasons which are responsible for such a less demand of deemed universities in India. Let’s have a detailed look –

(1)    Supreme Court Order -Until 2015, the scene was a little different. The deemed universities were permitted to enroll the students on the basis of their own entrance exams or directly on the basis of scores obtained in Class XII. In 2016, the NEET scores became the eligibility for admission. Now, in 2017, the honorable Supreme Court has asked MCI to conduct centralized level counseling for admission in deemed universities. It has become one of the prime reasons for students not being able to qualify the admission process.

(2)     The Unaffordable Fees – Deemed universities charge a huge amount of money to provide the education. It ranges from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs per year which are unaffordable for students belonging to the medium family in India. Only upper-class students are able to afford it. This is also one of the main reasons that students are now focusing on pursuing MBBS in abroad rather than taking loans and selling properties owned by their family.

(3)    Lack of Reliability – The degrees of deemed universities are always in doubt. The authentication sometimes gets on hold by the MCI guidelines. Apart from paying the huge amount of money, student career seems dependant on MCI approval and disapproval process. To avoid such risky situations, now students and their parents as well are moving for MBBS Abroad. The abroad medical universities or colleges are recognized by the concerned government authority and the students enrolled there also learn efficiently how to crack the MCI hurdles.

(4)     Diminished exposure to medical insights – Apart from charging huge fees, the deemed universities are enabling to provide the required exposure to the students to make them smart enough to deal with medical science phenomenon. MBBS admission abroad resolves this issue. A student with abroad MBBS degree has more exposure and he gets more respect than the native degree holders in Indian society.

(5)     Management Monopoly – One of the reasons for students not actively taking admissions in deemed universities is that there is a lack of management transparency. And the management team of almost all the institutions have their own monopoly behavior. Students have no place to claim their feedbacks. They are only prone to regret their decision with a hope of possibilities on their face. So, most of the students are going to study MBBS in abroad countries rather than wasting their time and money at the deemed universities.

Considering these reasons, now it gets cleared why the 90% of MBBS seats are vacant in deemed universities. Now each of the students and his parents is well aware of the fact and figures of the education approach of the deemed universities. And for them, taking admission for MBBS in abroad universities seems the most suitable solutions due to exposure, affordability, reliability and quality.