Dated: 03/08/2017

Top 5 reasons why only 40 applied for 300 NRI quota MBBS seats in Punjab

No doubts, India is home to  some of the most famous educational institutes across the world. One can find a good faculty, best teacher, and good education quality, but this is something which is not meant for everyone in India. In India, the aspirants and their parents have to run around in order to confirm the admission and at the same time, a heap of money is required to spend. This is the main reason why NRI students are not taking much interest in Indian education system

Let’s find out some of the reasons why only 41 aspirants apply for 300 NRI seats in MBBS, BDS:

Huge Competition: It is quite difficult to clear the entrance exam in India as there are too many aspirants competing for the seats and the worst part is the availability of seats are quite low when compared to the number of aspirants appearing for the exam.

Exam Oriented result: If you seek for the MBBS in India, the entrance exam is a must, while the situation is not the same when you Study MBBS Abroad. This is the another reason why only a few aspirants apply for 300 NRI seats in Punjab.

Over Budget: The fee structure of deemed University in India is not so affordable. That’s the another reason why NRI aspirants don’t consider India as the right place to study.

Theory Based Education

In India, education is not connected to real life, instead, it is very theory based. While if you go to Study MBBS Abroad, their education system is more practical.

Poor Infrastructure

If we talk about the Indian Government Universities, a library which is the heart of a medical college is poorly maintained. Even sometimes it becomes quite difficult to find a book.