Dated: 09/08/2018

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has decided to change the syllabus of Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine which will come into effect from 2019 session onwards. The new syllabus will be published next month. The syllabus is now ready and final proof reading is in progress. By September the brand new syllabus for the upcoming doctors of the nation will be made available. It is said that the new syllabus will focus on skill-based and hands-on training.

The process of revising the syllabus was going on since 2013. Now, after much delay, and after the approval of Union health ministry in December last year, the syllabus is now ready to be published in September 2018.

The old syllabus was mostly theory, especially on anatomy, pathology, and physiology. However, the new syllabus tends to be focused on guidelines issued by the World Federation for Medical Education. The new syllabus will have more emphasis on skills and will have competency-based tests. In addition to that, the students will also be provided with early clinical exposure, right from the first year of the 4.5 years course plus an internship.

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