Dated: 10/08/2017

MBBS ADMISSION INDIA 2017 LATEST NEWS: Debarred Colleges offering MBBS Illegally

MBBS ADMISSION INDIA 2017 LATEST NEWS: 2 of 69 Barred MBBS Colleges Offering MBBS Admissions Illegally

According to reports in Times of India 2 Coimbatore based Medical Colleges, which have been debarred for taking MBBS admissions 2017 advertised in newspapers offering MBBS program.

When the newspaper reporter approached the Colleges they offered then a 6 year program as per the following structure:

  • 1st 3 years B.Sc. Human Biology (Pre-Med Study) study at local campus.
  • 4th & 5th year at Aruna, an island located in Caribbean region.
  • Final 2 years in United States located Xavier University.

The Vice President of Medical Council of India stated that this program is not recognized and is illegal and State Medical Council should initiate legal action against these 2 Colleges.

According to MCI rules, if a student takes MBBS Admission Abroad, then he has to completed his entire duration of study from the same Institute and same country. A student cannot change college mid-way while doing MBBS Abroad

Further, MCI rule also states that degree from MBBS Abroad is valid in India only when the degree is also recognized in that country to qualify to practice.