Dated: 28/07/2017

Delhi High Court seeks reply of Centre for on AIIMS MBBS 2017 Entrance Exam Irregularities Petition

The High Cout of Delhi on sought responses from the Centre, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on the alleged irregularities in the AIIMBS MBBS 2017 Entrance Exam. The nest date of hearing is fixed for 16th August.

AIIMS MBBS 2017 Entrance exam was held on 28th May 2017 and the petitioner in the case Dr. Rai has moved the Delhi High Court stating that the question paper was leaked and hence the results which were declared on 15th June should be quashed.

On 31st May this year, just 3 days after the exam Dr. Rai had tweeted images which were according to him, photos of paper being leaked in Lucknow when the exam was being conducted online.

According to Dr. Rai outsiders were allowed entry into the examination hall and allowed to take photos of the questions on the computer screen and these were solved by people outside and were distributed all over India to benefit other candidates. He has further claimed that by the same day evening he had managed to collect nearly 49 such questions.

AIIMS is India’s # 1 preferred Medical University and every year thousand of students appear in it’s entrance exam.

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