Dated: 22/08/2017

MBBS Admission 2017 Latest News: Supreme Court asks Tamil Nadu to implement NEET from 2017

The Supreme Court today announced today that MBBS admissions in Tamil Nadu will be on the basis of NEET only and the State will not get any exemption.

Supreme Court had made NEET mandatory for admissions from this year and Tamil Nadu State Government had approached the Centre for exemption through ordinance which was accepted by Centre and this decision of the Supreme Court has ruled out any other options for admission procedure.

As per earlier Supreme Court order, admissions through NEET 2017 were to be closed by 31st August, 2017 and today it has extended the deadline till 4th September, 2017 for Tamil Nadu State.

This year, there has been a lot of confusion in the State for MBBS admission procedure and many students have already decided to study MBBS abroad and have taken admission for MBBS in Ukraine.