Dated: 28/07/2017

Cooperation in the field of Education with European Countries

Government of China in recent years is attaching a lot of cooperation to collaborate closely with European educational institutions.

This area is receiving special focus these days and signification expansion is happening in international education cooperation & exchange.

China has signed nearly 40 agreements with countries which are a part of European Union or Europe. Agreements are covering wide range of fields like engineering, management, health sciences etc.

In a recently concluded agreement Chinese Universities which run MBBS in China in English Medium will be organizing cooperative research among scholars with Universities teaching MBBS in Europe.

These cooperative programs involving participation in scientific conferences, exchange of delegations & visiting faculties for guest lectures will give Indian students studying MBBS in China exposure to European education pattern.

Every year nearly 500 Indian students go for MBBS abroad to Medical Universities in China.

China has a well developed infrastructure and a cutting edge curriculum in the field of health sciences including pharmacy, Chinese traditional medicine etc.