Dated: 30/07/2017

Know all About Accommodation and Food When Studying MBBS in Abroad!

One big factor to consider when confused in selecting the best destination to study MBBS in Abroad is the availability of comfortable accommodation in the Country. Food and accommodation are two such things which are really important to take care of before selecting the University for MBBS in Abroad. Let us consider both one by one.

Starting with neat and clean accommodation, which is the primary factor of living in a country should be done well. Generally, a medical student never finds any difficulty in finding the best place to live in as the university and colleges themselves provide hostel facility to the students within the campus. The Universities where this facility is not available, usually have a tie up with the nearby located flats and PGs. An aspirant can themselves select the option according to their need and facilities they want. Most of the time, students prefer to stay in the sharing rooms in order to reduce the accommodation cost. The accommodation charges are almost similar to that of India, around 5 to 10 thousand per month.

Availability of proper Indian food – vegetarian and non-vegetarian is the other factor to consider. Indian food is easy to find in the countries like Bangladesh, China, Nepal, and the Philippines. Indian Cusine is served in the mess of most of the colleges of these Countries. Not only this but if the student wants to cook on their own, or order it from some local Indian restaurant as there are various restaurants that serve Indian food, they can go for it. When you Study MBBS Abroad, you find various PGs within the country those houses only Indian students. This sounds really homely as at such places a student feels more comfortable.

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