Dated: 30/07/2017

Cost Effective Countries to consider for MBBS in Abroad

Within a few days, NEET result for phase 1 and phase 2 will be declared as per the order of the Supreme Court. As the aspirants hold their fingers tight and wait for the result with reduced breath, the bitter truth is that there exist fewer seats in the best notch colleges and a number of candidates will be left with the disappointments.

Therefore, a question arises whether there is any other option left for the aspirant or not. For all those who are unable to make a place amongst the top colleges of medical education can opt for MBBS in Abroad. This is one such option that provides you with a ray of hope. Whereas the European countries like the UK, US and Australia are counted among the most expensive destinations to Study MBBS Abroad, in the past few years some of the countries that gained popularity for seeking MBBS Admission Abroad.

Let’s find out some of the names of some of the countries that are successfully doing MBBS Admission Abroad:







and Ukraine

Besides of being cost effective, above-mentioned destinations are some of the common places that provide flexibility to the students and this is the reason why every medical aspirant consider these countries when seeking the MBBS Admission Abroad.