Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Abroad from Philippines Medical Colleges

Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Abroad from Philippines Medical Colleges

Are you in a confusion to select the best foreign destination to pursue Study MBBS Abroad. If yes, then you don’t know much about the Philippines. This is the place that not only provides wings to your thoughts but also turns your dreams into reality. The Philippines is well known for the educational options it provides to the aspirants, especially the medical courses.

The Philippines has inherited its educational system from the United States. In the early years, it is noticed that many foreign students, especially the Indian students have enrolled themselves in Philippines Medical Universities as compared to Russia and China. You might be thinking why Philippines to study MBBS in Abroad.

So here are a few reasons that every medical aspirant should know:

  • Philippines is home to many internationally acknowledged Universities and Colleges, for instance, OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF AMA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE and many others. And if you believe in facts, one out of ten doctors in the USA has been to the Philippines for their medical education.
  • Medical Colleges in Philippines are regulated by the Education Ministry of Philippines and this is the reason the colleges never charge any donation, which thereby makes them affordable for the middle-class families in India.

Now you must have made up your mind to pursue MBBS Admission Abroad. If the answer is affirmative, then don’t think much and click on for the best experts opinion on MBBS in Abroad.