My Experience – MBBS Admission for my Daughter

Hello everyone !

I am Dr. Vijay Chugh from New Delhi. My daughter recently cleared Class 12th and failed to secure am MBBS seat in India. She was getting admission in BDS and I with my wife tried to convince here to take BDS admission in India but she was adamant in doing MBBS as I myself and my wife are both MBBS doctors and she wanted to follow our footsteps.

Having left with no other option, I decided that I should look at some options so she can go to study mbbs abroad.

As a parent I wanted my child to get best education so I started exploring options for MBBS in USA. A Graduation degree is required for an Indian student to enroll for MBBS in USA and hence it was not possible.

Next I started exploring options for MBBS in Europe. I explored countries like Germany, Spain, Italy for getting admission in MBBS in Europe but found out that they do not teach MBBS in English medium.

I had heard many Indian students go for MBBS abroad and remembered that 2 years back one of my friends had sent his so to study MBBS abroad. He informed me that he has sent his son for MBBS in Ukraine. They teach MBBS in English medium and his son is very happy there and the quality of education is very good. With so many Indian students there, he feels totally at home and infact they celebrate all important indian festivals like holi, Diwali etc. I was totally surprised and excited when I heard this.

Without wasting any more time and upon his advice, I started exploring options for MBBS in Ukraine and shortlisted Kharkiv National Medical University which is a 205 years old Government Medical University and has over 1500 Indian students studying there.

I did extensive research on MBBS abroad options for Indian students and finally concluded that students who want to do MBBS in Europe can opt for doing MBBS in Ukraine as it is affordable and quality of education is good. As I am a Doctor by profession it was easier for me to understand the technicalities and I was surprised that the curriculum they follow is modern and updated and the facilities available at these Universities are of very high standards.

I would like to mention here that all Indian students who completed their MBBS from abroad have to clear MCI screening test before they can start practicing in India.

My daughter finally went to Ukraine through SEED Education New Delhi and I am happy with their highly professional level of working.