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MBBS in Ukraine: Ternopil State Medical University

About the University

1. Ternopil State Medical University was established in 1957.

2. Ternopil State Medical University has been rated among the top 3 Medical Universities of Ukraine.

3. The University is home to more than 1500 International students from 53 countries.

4. Ternopil State Medical University started training International students from 1997.

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5. Complex research activities are conducted at the University. The lyophilized pig xenodermotransplants, developed by prof. V.V.Bihunyak, are widely used for the treatment of burns in all national burns centres is a contribution of this University.

6. During the year 2000, this national academy was ranked among all higher medical schools of Ukraine of IV accreditation levels as per comprehensive activity ratings.

7. The university also has close to 48 departments and 5 faculties namely Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy, International Students and Postgraduate Training faculty.

8. Across the history of the University, graduates totaling 25,000 to 40,000 specialists abroad and in Ukraine were imparted advanced training at the Postgraduate Training Faculty.

9. Among 580 scientists and teachers, 2/3rd are University graduates, while 87 are doctors of sciences, professors and there are 348 candidates of sciences, associate professors including members of the National Medical Sciences of Ukraine academy. Additionally, there are 9 honorary workers of science and technology, 2 for education apart from 2 state prize laureates in scientific technology, 3 honorary Ukrainian inventors and 3 physicians of Ukraine at 48 departments in the University.

10. The University also comes with its own publishing house Ukrmedknyha complete with printing facilities that are modern. It is also the biggest specialized publishing house in Ukraine and the only one that prints matters translated from Ukrainian or in the language. This university accounts for 60 percent of textbooks and manuals in Ukranian to national higher medical educational institutes of III-IV accreditation level and 80 percent for I to II accreditation levels.

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Ternopil City

1. Ternopil city is situated in Western Ukraine – 120 Kms. From Lviv.
2. Ternopil is an important industrial & cultural centre of Ukraine and serves as an important rail junction and highway hub.
3. Industries in this region manufacture food products, textiles, leather, electic parts, farm machinery etc.
4. The city is modern with well developed transport system.
5. The city offers safe & secure environment for international students.

Ternopil Annual Weather Pattern


Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine