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    Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Ukraine   Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Ukraine

About the University

1. Since its inception in the year 1992, Kyiv Medical University UAFM is the largest private Ukrainian medical university and it will celebrate its 25th. anniversary in 2017.

2. The University is home to over 2000 students, of which 15 percent are from 45 different nations such as India.

3. This university has produced over 3 thousand doctors since inception.

4. The University also has over 300 full time qualified teachers, most of whom are established scientists.

5. The University also comes with a library of around 55 thousand books.

6. The University has an active international and global relations set up and regularly participate in global research and conference activities.

7. The University also cooperates with global institutes and maintains academic linkages with institutions in Great Britain, Poland, USA, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia and Canada.

8. The University offers post graduation specializations numbering 19.

9. The University is WHO approved and has valid degrees in Canada, USA and UK among others.

10. Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is also recognized by MCI or Medical Council of India.

11. Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is also recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).

12. The university operates across 12 thousand sq.m of facilities and has the most advanced and latest infrastructure.

13. In the year 2015, the University was also conferred a project member status by UNDP and Japanese government for its quick response to social and economic problems the Ukrainian government noted. This educational institution through this project employs around 36 professionals from health and educational sectors.

14. Educational and clinical base of departments of universities are located in leased and owned areas of clinical sites of city and research institutions such as:

   (i) TB Clinic
   (ii) Kiev Official Forensic examination

   (iii) Kiev City Clinical Hospital No.1

   (iv) Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 8

   (v) Road Hospital

   (vi) Alexander Hospital

   (vii) Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 5

   (viii) Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 2

   (ix) Alexander Clinical Hospital

   (x) City Sports Center

   (xi) Kiev City Children’s Hospital no. 1

   (xii) The Institute of Cancer National Academy of Medical Sciences, Ukraine.

   (xiii) Institute of Otorhinolaryngology, NAMs Ukraine

   (xiv) Institute of Traumatologu and Orthopedic, NAMs Ukraine

   (xv) Institute of Neurosurgery, NAMs. Ukraine

   (xvi) Kiev City Psychoneorological Hospital No. 1

   (xvii) Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 12

   (xviii) Kiev City Clinical Hospital no. 11

   (xix) Own Clinical site

   (xx) Kiev City Oncocenter

Kiev City

1. This is the largest and capital city of Ukraine.

2. It is also known as an industrial, educational, scientific and cultural center of Eastern Europe apart from being home to higher educational institutions.

3. It has a well developed, rich infrastructure including Kiev Metro

4. At the UNCC 2009, top 30 European Green City index countries included Kiev as the only Commonwealth of Independent states/CIS city in the countdown.

5. Kiev also has the Monastery of Vaves or Kiev Pecherk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral as its world heritage sites.

6. Kiev is a green city and one can walk without leaving the trees on its roads from one end to another in summers.

7. Since a visa free regime was introduced for EU member and Swiss nationals, there has been a steady rise in foreign tourists here in Ukraine.

Kiev Annual Weather Pattern

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Ukraine