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    Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine   Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine

About the University

● Kharkiv National Medical University also referred to as KNMU, was established in 1805 in Ukraine and it is one of the premier institutions of the country.

● A large number of international students have received top class education and training in Medical programs such as MBBS at KNMU since 1951.

● These international programs are offered in English language and at very reasonable costs.

● International Students from more than 86 countries such as India, Ghana, Syria, Jordan, Oman, etc receive their education from KNMU.

● The degree offered by KMNU is recognized by well established global bodies like:

    ❖ Federation European Physiological Societies
    ❖ World Health Organization
    ❖ General Medical Council
    ❖ Medical Council of India

● Since 1998, KNMU has the membership of IAU(International Association of Universities ) an official partner of UNESCO.

● At KNMU, 2 out of 7 faculties are present for training international students.
● At present, the university offers 66 departments with 821 of its experts in science & pedagogy.
● The university has 2 e-libraries and 11 reading halls and more than 1 million copies present at its library

● KMNU was awarded “The Perfect Museum” in 2011 for the Community Museum of history present at the university.

● KMNU provides its student with world-class infrastructure with highly equipped laboratories with state of the art technology and well-furnished classrooms.

● Following are the top institutions partnered throughout the world with whom KNMU has formed its alliance and collaborates for medical research and education.

    ❖ Association of Friends of the American-Austrian Foundation(Austria)

    ❖ Belarusian State Medical University(Belarus),

    ❖ Gomel State Medical University(Belarus)

    ❖ Villa Stuart Sport Clinic(Rome, Italy)

    ❖ Dr. Yan Ratner Dental Clinic(Israel)

    ❖ Pleven Medical University(Bulgaria)

    ❖ Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Science (Czech Republic)

    ❖ University of Tartu(Estonia)

    ❖ Georgian Association of Prenatal Medicine and Perinatology(Georgia)

    ❖ Tbilisi Medical Centre “NeoClinic”(Georgia)

    ❖ Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg(Germany)

    ❖ Institute for Multiphase Processes, Leibniz University( Hannover, Germany)

    ❖ Asklepios Children’s Hospital( Sankt Augustin, Germany)

    ❖ Havelhohe Community Hospital( Germany)

    ❖ Paderborn University(Germany)

    ❖ Semey State Medical University(Kazakhstan)

    ❖ Karaganda State Medical University(Kazakhstan)

    ❖ Astana Medical University(Kazakhstan)

    ❖ West-Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University(Kazakhstan)

    ❖ Poznan University of Medical Sciences(Poland)

    ❖ Comenius University in Bratislava(Slovak Republic)

    ❖ Slovak Medical University(Slovak Republic)

    ❖ Public Health Agency of Sweden, Stockholm(Sweden)

    ❖ Spine Center of Zurich(Switzerland)

    ❖ Andijan State Medical Institute(Uzbekistan)

    ❖ Samarkand State Medical Institute(Uzbekistan)

    ❖ Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education(Uzbekistan)

    ❖ Tashkent Paediatric Medical Institute(Uzbekistan)

Kharkiv City

1. Kharkiv is the 2nd largest city of Ukraine and is situated on the northeast of Ukraine.

2. Kharkiv is a very important city of Ukraine and is a major centre of scientific, industrial, transport & culture.

3. Kharkiv was the 1st capital of Ukraine (1919 to 1934) before Kiev became the nation’s capital city.

4. Kharkiv is home to 60 scientific institutes, 30 higher education universities, 6 mueeums, 7 theaters and over 80 libraries.
5. The city is home to major industries including to the once world leading tank manufacturer – Malyshev Tank.

6. Antonov multipurpose aircraft manufacturing plant & Turboatom – the manufacturer of thermal, hydro & nuclear power plants are located in the city of Kharkiv.

7. Kharkiv is a modern city with an underground rapid transit system (Metro).

8. Kharkiv has a large number of modern shopping malls & business centres

Kharkiv Annual Weather Pattern

Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine