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3 / 4 Years Cosmetic Science Offered by University of Sunderland, UK

If we talk about the 1st year of this exciting course, you would study the important aspects of physiology, dermatology, chemistry, and regulatory framework for cosmetics. Also, you would be acquainted with the principles of the formulation related to cosmetics.

In the 2nd year, you would be moving more in depth, studies like Dermatology, exploration of formulation and professional practice in the cosmetic industry. Not only this but it would add the effect of color in these formulations and the differences between lab scale and industrial manufacture.

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We also encourage the students to undertake a year-long placement in between the second or final years.

By doing this, you stand a chance to put your new abilities in practice while making a series of contacts and gain experiences in the workplace. In a year these are generally paid an average of £13,000 to £17,000 and allow you to bring your learning in practice that may provide you with future job offers. Placements all depend on the availability and required interviews.

Till last year, MBBS admission in UK was without NEET for Indian students but from this year every Indian candidate is required to qualify in NEET to be eligible for MBBS Admission in UK. Cosmetic Science Lab Cosmetic Science Lab

The last year ends with a science-led project which could be tailored all according to your interest. With this project, you would be able to demonstrate your ability to approach a critical issue in a precise way. Moreover, the project could be linked to your work experience and placement and in this way, you would be able to catch the notice of potential employers.

If it is about the earning of a cosmetic scientist then you must know the starting salary is approx £19,000 a year that moves up to around £50,000 per annum for the senior chemist and Research and Development roles. Furthermore, one could also seek positions in sales, marketing, and business. Hence we could say, Cosmetic science is one of the great areas to be in for anyone who wishes a diverse and creative career in science.

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