MBBS in Philippines: Emilio Aguinaldo College

EAC’s the ‘School of Medicine’ was founded in July 2001. This medical school has been approved by the Commission of Higher Education.

The Institution also consists of committed, clinically and academically experienced faculty. There is a notable hospital of teaching-training that boasts of excellent clinical and teaching facilities, and that is the Medical Center Manila. This hospital has been accredited by PhilHealth for the Excellence and certified by ISO 9001, which is quite a rare feature among government and private hospitals in the Country. Also, it received the clinical alliance with the Philippines College of Medicine University – Philippine General Hospital Medical Center.

Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila Philippines
Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila Philippines

The most important fact to know about this medical Institute is that it always been so conscious about the close collaboration with the other local health units and some of the important associated medical school as well, for instance, University of the ‘Philippines College of Medicine’ – ‘Philippine General Hospital Medical Centre’ and the ‘Qiqihar Medical University’. In this way, EAC could become truly a Health Science Centre that would get the recognition not only within the country but outside as well with the help of its vital contributions in the health manpower training requirements of the Philippines and outside it.

University Financials

Year Admission Fee Admission Fee in Philippine Peso Tuition Fee Tuition Fee in Philippine Peso Amount in INR
1st Year US $500 Peso 23,000 Peso 2,22,275 Peso 2,45,275 Peso 3,50,750
2nd Year US $500 Peso 23,000 Peso 2,27,728 Peso 2,50,728 Peso 3,58,550
3rd Year US $500 Peso 23,000 Peso 2,15,432 Peso 2,38,432 Peso 3,41,000
4th Year US $500 Peso 23,000 Peso 2,28,564 Peso 2,51,564 Peso 3,59,750
TOTAL US $2000 Peso 92,000 Peso 8,93,999 Peso 9,85,999 Peso 14,10,050

1US$ is calculated @ Peso 46/-
1 Peso is calculated @ Rs. 1.43/-
Student can do Internship (5th year) in India. However, if the student want to do in Philippines then the charges are Peso 1,20,000/- (Rs. 1,71,600/-) which is payable in 5th year.
Hostel + Food approx. Rs. 12,000/- per month
1st year ACR, Medical Tests, Visa Renewal / Conversion = US$ 700/- payable at University.

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