Study MBBS In Philippines for Indian Students – 2020 session

Medical aspirants, especially from India, are very selective these days and want to choose the best places for the MBBS studies abroad. Study MBBS in Philippines option’s is one of the foremost option that comes in a parent’s mind.

Many medical aspirants & their families want the best possible education, without any sort of compromises on the quality of education and this is where Philippines as a country fits in for the Indian student’s and more and more people are opting for MBBS admission in Philippines.

It is a well known fact that the MBBS Colleges in Philippines have one of the best syllabus for MBBS course and the country’s name promptly surfaces for high quality, cutting edge & innovative latest updated curriculum after countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Philippines, is one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students for not only the above reason of advanced of modern well-developed curriculum, but also for the fact that being an English speaking country, the Indian students studying MBBS in Philippines do not have the burden / pressure of learning an local language as in the case if they study in countries like Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, China etc.

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Based upon feedback from student’s already studying MBBS in Phiplippines and experience how their parent’s / guardians have felt/responded, here are some of the reasons that have led Indian student’s to pt of MBBS in Philippines:

1.  Cutting edge American Curriculum.

2. Option to complete few semester’s of their final year in United States of America (option available only with Top Ranking Philippines Medical Universities)

3.  Course duration is only 5 years after completion of Class 12th in India.
4. There is no need to learn any local language as Philippines is an English speaking country.

5.  Philippines has one of the highest density of population – 363 persons per square kilometer – as a result of high population students are assured of good clinical exposure / patient interaction.

6. Degrees offered by Medical Universities in Philippines are recognized worldwide.

7. Medical Universities of Philippines are also recognized by the Medical Council of India and it’s graduates can work in India after clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (commonly known as MCI Screening Test).

8. Many Universities in Philippines offer MCI Coaching Classes to Indian students during free time and on weekends.

9. The climate, weather, economic & living conditions in Philippines are very very similar to India. Hence, same types of diseases & ailments are found in both the countries and student get very exposure highly relevant to their future needs.

Some of the leading Medical Universities of Philippines, which Indian students can consider are:

1. Our Lady Of Fatima University
2. Emilio Aguinaldo College
3. University Of Ama School Of Medicine
4. Angels University Foundation
5. Emilio Aguinaldo College
6. University Of Perpetual Help System Dalta

This list of Universities for MBBS Abroad would make your work easier to find cost effective Universities of good reputation within the seconds. If you want to know more about these Universities or Institute in detail, simply click on for additional information.

Please feel free to call us for further queries and a personalized discussion.

Best of Luck.

Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines

1967 is the year that marked the promising beginning of the premier educational institution in the Philippines especially in the area of nursing, para medical courses, and medicine.

All this started with Jose C. Olivares, a professor of chemistry by occupation but spiritually, a powerful entrepreneurial and his son-in-law named Dr. Vicente M. Santos. in 1967, they both established the ‘Our Lady of Fatima Hospital’.

Very soon, the hospital became the most prominent provider of all medical services to the Valenzuela residents and the neighboring towns. Mr. Jose C. Olivares founded the Fatima Medical Science Foundation Inc. with a thought of building a medical complex that could be a center for training for the capable health care providers. Initially, in 1973, he founded ‘Our Lady of Fatima College of Nursing’.

Our Lady of Fatima University Nepal

In the 1970s, some additional curricular programs have been also joined including the courses in Veterinary Medicine, Midwifery, and chemistry.

The ‘Our Lady of Fatima University’ has reacted to the speedy advances in the social milieu and the medical science and technology through continuous modernization of facilities and by maintaining development of the staff and faculty.

Moreover, from 1980 to 1990, Philippines observed the rapid progress of the University including the insertions of other programs and courses, for instance, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Maritime Education, Physical Therapy, Computer Studies, and Criminology.

Our Lady of Fatima University Philippines
Our Lady of Fatima University Philippines

To date, the Our Lady of Fatima University has 4 campuses: Valenzuela City (Main Campus), Quezon City (Hilltop Campus) Antipolo City and Pampanga.

Finally, the joint efforts to build a place of perfection in medicinal science as well as other fields by the department, staff, and teachers of the College has come to attainment. With the acceptance of the responsibility to maintain this standard of education, the CHED team has awarded the College with the University label in Dec 2, 2002.

More details on Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines >>>>

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University of Perpetual Help, Philippines

University of Perpetual Help System DALTAUniversity of Perpetual Help System DALTA

More details on University of Perpetual Help, Philippines >>>>


University of AMA School of Medicine, Philippines

AMA School of Medicine is part of the AMA Education System. AMA School of Medicine is located at Makati which is the best location in Metro Manila. AMA school of Medicine is affiliated to Armed Forces Medical Centre, best for training in Philippines. AMA is listed in WHO.

MBBS, MD or Medical education in the AMA School of Medicine leads to the MD degree which is equivalent to the MBBS degree in UK, Singapore, India and other commonwealth countries.

AMA School of Medicine

More details on University of AMA School of Medicine, Philippines >>>>

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Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines

Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila Philippines

More details on Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines >>>>

Study MBBS in Philippines – For Next Level Education

As per a recent data, more than 8000 students come from abroad countries to study MBBS in Philippines. MBBS colleges in Philippines have a great popularity among the International students. Out of these 8000 students around 50% students are Indians. MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is highly demanding due to the high quality of International education being delivered by the reputed MBBS colleges in Philippines. Most of the MBBS Philippines students get chances to work in the USA, UK, and other western countries if they have successfully completed the medical course.

Philippines was a colonized part of Spain over 300 years and then, later on, it also became a colony of USA for 50 years at the time of the Industrial Revolution. This colonization dominated the MBBS Philippines education system which transformed the existing education system much similar to USA designed education system. MBBS colleges in Philippines have the very great reputation and they are known to be delivering the medical education of excellence. Some of the widely recommended colleges for MBBS in Philippines for Indian students are Our Lady of Fatima University, University of Perpetual Help, AMA Education System and Emilo Aguinaldo College.

MBBS Admission in Philippines – Fees and Cost

The cost of doing study MBBS in Philippines revolves around 25 lacks. Tuition fee for the total duration of study is around 15 lacks and other expenses of living are also budget friendly. This cost is affordable rather than pursuing MBBS from Indian private colleges.

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Duration of Medical Course & Study Pattern of MBBS in Philippines

The total duration to study MBBS in Philippines is of 5.5 years. MBBS course here is known as BS-MD. The first 16 months of the course focuses on Bachelor of Science program which develops a strong foundation for medical education. Then the next 4 years of study is related to study medicine and clinical subjects. At the end of the program, students undergo clinical rotations where they get the opportunity to work for selected hospital departments and under the supervision of senior doctors, they practice medicines while treating the patients.

Degree Recognition

The educational courses in Philippines are recognized by The Commission on Higher Education Philippines (CHED), and the same authority gives permission for both public and private educational institutions throughout this country. The medical institutions which SEED MBBS will offer to you to study MBBS in Philippines are all recognized by CHED. Apart from it, they are also recognized by WHO. MBBS admissions in Philippines for Indian students are considered to be friendly as these institutions are recognized by MCI also.

What makes Philippines so friendly for students who want to pursue MBBS abroad?

The congenial campus of the medical colleges in Philippines is considered to be highly beneficial for the medical students. Every facility which students will get here is affordable and friendly. Accommodation, food, and all other facilities such as laundry, cleaning services are affordable. Variety of foods is available here to satiate the different taste buds. The campus of the colleges offers free Wi-Fi connection to the students. Lab facilities and infrastructure are very well equipped inside the campus. Highly maintained library service is also provided to the students. These facilities make the local and International students prefer to study MBBS in Philippines and add wings to their dreams.

Medical colleges in Philippines meet the International Standard of Education

Having one of the best education systems in Asia, Philippines offers the topmost medical education. All the students are entitled to avail the world-class education and get the hands-on experience in their final year of education. Much similar to USA medical pattern, students getting MBBS degree from here get immense opportunity to work in the USA and earn a very high income. Being the English speaking country, the students do not have to face any kind of language problem and they feel comfortable with the environment of this country.

MBBS Opportunity after Graduation

MBBS in Philippines for Indian students has an extra feature to be availed. If an Indian student has a graduation degree like B.Sc, B.Pharma, BAMS then he will be getting entry to 4-year MBBS program in lower rates when compared to a full degree program. Various Indian students have pursued 4-year MBBS program from Philippines and after successful completion of the course they have also cleared MCI screening test and successfully serving in India as reputed doctors.

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How SEED MBBS helps you in securing your MBBS admission in Philippines?

SEED MBBS is a veteran MBBS admission abroad consultant with decades of experience in this industry. Well versed with the topmost medical colleges in Philippines, SEED MBBS is creating immense opportunities for the aspirants to gain the advantage of getting admitted to the top MBBS colleges in Philippines. From making everything clear about the college facilities, course curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, theoretical and practical aspects to arranging all the documentation process as required by the colleges, the expert consultants at SEED will serve you in the efficient years.

Why is SEED MBBS recommended for MBBS admission in Philippines?

With years of experience as overseas admission consultant, we have analyzed each facet of the MBBS study abroad and we always strive to bring the time-tested study experience for MBBS aspirants. Our reliable services have stood us apart from other consultants. We only list the colleges which are renowned for providing the international level of education and serve the study needs of MBBS aspirants in effective ways. We prevent you from going into wrong hands and make sure you have all required access to your study even after you get admission to the colleges.

SEED MBBS & MBBS Colleges in Philippines

With the increasing demand for MBBS study abroad, we have listed the selected topmost colleges of Philippines which are famous for the high-quality education. Our expert team is directly in coordination with the college management. Our Lady of Fatima University is in our top list as it has been recognized as the best MBBS destination for Indian students. All the faculty members are highly cooperative and they prepare students to clear MCI screening test in India as well. It is your choice whether you want to serve in India or look for opportunities to earn a handsome salary in the USA after doing MBBS in Philippines.

Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Abroad from Philippines Medical Colleges

Are you in a confusion to select the best foreign destination to pursue Study MBBS Abroad. If yes, then you don’t know much about the Philippines. This is the place that not only provides wings to your thoughts but also turns your dreams into reality. The Philippines is well known for the educational options it provides to the aspirants, especially the medical courses.

The Philippines has inherited its educational system from the United States. In the early years, it is noticed that many foreign students, especially the Indian students have enrolled themselves in Philippines Medical Universities as compared to Russia and China. You might be thinking why Philippines to study MBBS in Abroad.

So here are a few reasons that every medical aspirant should know:

Philippines is home to many internationally acknowledged Universities and Colleges, for instance, OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF AMA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE and many others. And if you believe in facts, one out of ten doctors in the USA has been to the Philippines for their medical education.
Medical Colleges in Philippines are regulated by the Education Ministry of Philippines and this is the reason the colleges never charge any donation, which thereby makes them affordable for the middle-class families in India.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Philippines are generating a lot of interest amongst Indian students since the last few years and many Indian students have taken admission for MBBS there as the cost of studying there is not only low but MBBS in Philippines syllabus is based on American system of education, thus giving an edge to Indian students.

MBBS in Philippines syllabus is perfect for Indian students who have a desire and ambition to practice as a Doctor in the United States of America. Many Philippines Medical Colleges recognized by MCI offer in their syllabus complete United States Medial Licensing Exam (USMLE) Part 1 training free of cost thus enabling the students to be eligible to appear for the USMLE 1 while pursuing their MBBS in Philippines.

Average Indian students have Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Philippines as American curriculum and system of training which is far more tougher than the education standards in India. MBBS in Philippines is recommended only for academically brilliant students.

MBBS in Philippines review on the various websites, blogs and MBBS in Philippines Quora section are mixed due to the above reason as average Indian students find it difficult to cope up with the demanding American MBBS syllabus in Philippines and often end up either repeating their semesters or end up dropping and returning back to India.

MBBS in Philippines Fees is reasonable in comparison to the fees of Medical colleges in India. Moreover, the 4 years MBBS in Philippines duration makes it more economical for Indian Medical students in Philippines as they pay fee only for 4 years in comparison to option for MBBS in other countries where the duration is 5 or 6 years.

MBBS in Philippines duration of 4 years is for candidates who have completed their B.Sc. 1st year in India. For students who have completed Class 12th, the duration of MBBS in Philippines is 5 years.

Many Philippines Medical Colleges recognized by MCI  offer Philippines total 12 lakhs MBBS package which is without the living cost, food, admission package and other expenses including stationary, books, uniform and examination fees.

There are many Indian Medical students in Philippines, who after completion of their MBBS in Philippines are working in various parts of the world. Philippines Medical Colleges ranking is very high in the world due to the cutting edge MBBS syllabus in Philippines and the graduates are in great demand all over the world.

Now you must have made up your mind to pursue MBBS Admission Abroad. If the answer is affirmative, then don’t think much and click on for the best experts opinion on MBBS in Abroad.

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