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Jalalabat State University, Kyrgyzstan Jalalabad State University, Kyrgyzstan

About the University

1. Jalalabad State University is a Government University founded in 1993.

2. Home to over 4,300 students in 5 faculties and 2 colleges.

3. Faculty of Medicines offers MBBS program in English Medium to International students.

4. Jalalabad State University is listed with World Health Organization (WHO) and it’s MBBS course if approved by Medical Council of India (MCI).

5. MBBS degree is recognized globally and students can work & practice anywhere in the world by obtaining license from that country.

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6. MBBS program is more widely integrated into clinical practice.

7. Jalalabad State University emphasizes a lot of focus on research and students are encouraged to actively participate.

8. Jalalabad State University has a Jasu Student Scientific Society coordinates scientific events throughout the year and students are
encouraged to sub mit their thesis and present them as posters or as oral presentations.

9. Affiliated hospitals of the University include Jalalabad Provincial Headquarters Hospital & Jalalabad City Hospital amongst others

10. Commencing 3rd year students get the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge of Pediatrics. Focus on patient clinical care, internal diseases, gynecology, surgery & obstetrics is also there.

11. All other facilities like fully equipped library, laboratories, facilities for extra-curricular activities like Gym, sports etc. are available.

12. It is a popular University with Indian students and all major festivals like Diwali, Holi & Pongal are celebrated on the campus.

13. University has safe & secure hostels – separate for boys & girls and availability of Indian food.

Jalalabad City

1. Jalalabad city is the administrative & economic centre of Jalalabad region. It’s area is 88 sq. kms.

2. Jalalabad is located along the Kogart river at the North Eastern end of Fergana valley.

3. Jalalabad is very famous for curative mineral springs.

4. Bottled mineral water from the region is also exported.

5. Home to Kyrgyz Petroleum Company.

6. There are numerous manufacturing units in the region.

7. Region is famous for walnuts & beautiful scenic views.

Jalalabat State University Kyrgyzstan

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Jalalabat State University Kyrgyzstan