MBBS Admission in China: Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University  ChinaNanjing Medical University , China  Nanjing Medical University , China

  • Nanjing Medical University (NJMU) is a renowned university in China.
  • It is located Jiangsu Province of China.
  • Nanjing Medical University was established in 1934 in Zhenjian and was later shifted to Nanjing in the year 1957.
  • The University has 2 campuses in an area of 1.05 square km. which house 17 schools including 7 clinical medical schools.
  • Nanjing Medical University is known worldwide for it’s courses in Biology, Management & Law, Pharmacy, Nursing and MBBS and Law, enjoying high reputation in domestic and abroad.
  • Nanjing Medical University has 64 affiliated & teaching hospitals in Zhejiang, Shandong etc.
  • Nanjing Medical University has:
    197 professors
    540 associate professors
    90 supervisors for PHD programs for 270 supervisors in Master’s field.
  • University has nearly 13,500 students.
  • Nanjing Medical University started admitting foreign students in 2002 and it now is home to more than 425 international students from India, Nepal, South Korea, Malaysia etc.
  • MBBS in English Medium at Nanjing Medical University, China started in 2007.
  • MBBS at Nanjing Medical University in China is approved by MCI – Medical Council of India.
  • Many Indian students study MBBS in China at Nanjing Medical University.

University Financials

Tuition Fees/ Year 34,000 RMB
Accommodation / Year 6,000 RMB
Insurance Fee / Year 600 RMB
Residence Permit / Year 400 RMB
Total RMB / Year 41,000 RMB
Total in INR @ Rs. 9.35