Study MBBS in China: Wenzhou Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University is situated in Wenzhou city and it has been considered as the key University in Zhejiang. The University is quite famous because it is a center of higher education that comes under the guidance of Zhejiang Provincial Government. Its roots can be traced long back to Zhejiang Specialized Medical School, which founded in 1912, Hangzhou. At that time this Medical school was known as “Zhejiang Second Medical College”. It was the year 1958 when a part of Zhejiang Medical College moved from Hangzhou city to Wenzhou and started enrolling 5-year full-time program students. In this way, the name switched to ‘Wenzhou Medical University’.

Wenzhou Medical University China

    The University comprised of three big campuses that are located at Xueyuan Road, Chashan and Dongtou District respectively, covering the land of around eight lakh square meters with a huge floor space of almost five lakh square meters.

  • Not only this, but the college library is the heart of college as it has a huge collection of almost twelve lakh books, that is quite a lot.
  • The Wenzhou Medical College composed of more than 11000 students that are enrolled on full-time basis and over 8500 proficient staff who are dedicated to strengthening the pillars of discipline and handling the research work of the University.
  • It is also affiliated with 17 hospitals with around 12000 beds.
  • Things that You Must Know:

    Now comes the advancement of education which is very important to know about when selecting the University for studying MBBS Abroad. Wenzhou Medical College is being really active these days in the internationalization of education as it has built cooperative relationships with more than 60 overseas colleges, academic institutions or Universities by taking out the as many cooperative activities, for instance, founding Confucius Institute in Thailand, staff or student exchange program, Sino-US joint OD program, and of course cooperative research.

    In 1993, Wenzhou Medical University acquired the ability of enrolling students across the world. This is not over yet as there is more to know about WMU. The University is recorded among the top 30 medical universities by the Ministry of Education of China that attained the standards of quality control when recruiting the students across the country.

    WMU’s ‘The School of International Studies’ was founded in April 2006 and it started recruiting medical students across the country. It provides two program of under graduation to the overseas students — Bachelor of BDS and Bachelor of MBBS. The best part is that it has registered more than four hundred overseas students from more than 40 different countries including Australia, Asia, Europe and America.

    Wenzhou Medical University, China    Wenzhou Medical University, China

    The Aim of University:

    The University aims to develop healthy connection with cooperation institutes and enhance the ability to learn Chinese language and culture amongst world Chinese learners by rendering them better learning conditions. For this, Wenzhou Medical University built two Confucius Institute – one in Thailand at Burapha University and another in USA at SUNY College of Optometry. These Institutes have also developed cooperation abroad and exchange in the field of Chinese language, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese culture.

    University Financials

    Tuition Fees/ Year 30,000 RMB
    Accommodation / Year 6,000 RMB
    Insurance / Year 800 RMB
    Visa Renewal / Year 600 RMB
    Total RMB / Year 37,400 RMB
    Total in INR @ Rs. 9.35
    Rs. 3,49,650.00

    In addition, in 1st year One Time Payment of RMB 800/- (Rs. 8,240/-) is payable to the University.

    Other Estimated Expenses:

    Food / Year 5,000 RMB