MBBS in China for Indian students: Sun Yat Sen University

Zhongshan School of Medicine

  • Established in 1924 by a great leader of 20th Century Sun Yat Sen, this University is also known as Zhongshann University.
  • Sun Yat Sen is also the founding father of Republic of China.
  • The university has 4 campuses in an area of around 6.18 sq. kms.
  • Sun Yat Sen University is located in a very nice neighborhood in Guangzhou – an area near Hong Kong and Macao.
  • Since beginning Sun Yat Sen has always come in the list of Top 10 Universities of China.
  • It offers a lot of courses in all science streams like natural – technical – medical and social sciences.
  • Infrastructure of the University includes:

    – 35 colleges,
    – 8 hospitals including 5 comprehensive
    – Hospitals have nearly 8,200 beds.
    Sun Yat Sen University China  Sun Yat Sen University, China  
    Sun Yat Sen University, China
  • Nearly 70,100 students study at Sun Yat Sena University including 1,600 from many foreign countries.
  • Medical School of Sun Yat Sen started teaching MBBS from 2006 and the Medical College campus is spread in an area of 4,31,000 square foot.
  • English medium MBBS at Sun yat Sen University started in 2007.
  • Foreign MBBS students at the University are from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and there are some from other countries.
  • Sun Yat Sen Medical College has excellent state of the art equipment and infrastructure.
  • MBBS at Sun Yat Sen University China is approved by MCI (Medical Council of India).
  • The University is listed in WDOMS and it’s students can work anywhere in the world after obtaining degree and necessary licenses.

University Financials

Tuition Fees/ Year 48,000 RMB
Accommodation / Year 6,000 RMB
Inusrance / Year 600 RMB
Residence Permit / Year 400 RMB
Total RMB / Year 55,000 RMB
Total in INR @ Rs. 9.35
Rs. 5,14,250.00

In addition, in 1st year, a One Time Charge of RMB 800/- (Rs. 8,240/-) is payable to the University.

Other Estimated Expenses:

Food + Miscellaneous / Year 6,000 RMB