Jilin University, China

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Jilin University China

  • Jilin University is located a Changchun, China.
  • Changchun of the capital city of Jilin province.
  • Established in 1946, Jilin University if one of the most reputed and respected MBBS University in China.
  • Jilin University is ranked # 1 in China in terms of number of students.
  • The University offers many courses in different fields like agroculture, MBBS, engineering, business studies, management, law, economics etc.
  • Jilin University offers Bachelor programs in 124 fields, Master’s in 299 fields and 41 in Post Doctoral.
  • All these programs are delivered in it’s own campuses.
  • Jilin University is spread in 611 square kilometers in Changchun and 334 sq. kms. In Zhuhai.
  • Jilin University has one of the best library amongst all Universities in China and 69 lac books, periodicals, medical journals etc. Library & Information System,” one of only seven centers across China. 
  • In the year 2013, Jilin was ranked. # 8 in China and it’s name also figues in the top 400 universities of the world.
  • Some more facts about the University:
    Jilin University, China  
    Jilin University, China

    – It has 69,100 full time students.
    – 24,250 students are in Bachelor’s programs, and
    – 42,750 students are pursuing Master’s degree.

  • Jilin is home to 2,100 International students from 99 countries.
  • MBBS at Jilin University is recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Jilin University is listed in World directory of Medical Schools and it’s degree is valid worldwide.

University Financials

Tuition Fees/ Year 29,000 RMB
Accommodation / Year 6,000 RMB
Total RMB / Year 35,000 RMB
Total in INR @ Rs. 10.30
Rs. 3,60,500.00

One Time / Misc Charge like Registration, Insurance, Residence Permit, Books etc. approx. RMB 3,500/- per year.

Food / RMB 5,000 RMB

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