Study MBBS in China for Indian Students : 5 Years

Study MBBS in China for Indian students with SEED at low cost. MBBS China is a 5 years course.

China – one of the most powerful economies in the world is no doubt attracting a lot of International students in all fields including Medicine. Over the years, the country has invested heavily in upgrading not only it’s curriculum but also in it’s infrastructure, facilities and technology.

Study MBBS in China for Indian Students with SEED – A huge advantage for those who are planning to tie their career with the fast-growing market of the Asia-Pacific region. China is investing in education better than the rest of the world and the results are showing: even today, every year, Chinese universities produce the most engineers in the world.

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The last 2 decades have witnessed a tremendous growth as far as Higher Education in China is concerned. China is now home to some of the Top Universities in the World and many of it’s Universities are prominently ranked in the QS Top Ranking Universities of the World.

SEED helps you grab the right admission opportunities in universities from China where you can learn, evolve and grow as a doctor and come with an MCI accepted degree in India.

In comparison with higher education in the US or the UK, an MBBS in China costs much less. One year of study at the University of China is likely to be less than 3-5 thousand dollars. In Chinese universities today, you can learn the most relevant and popular specialties – IT, finance, law, management in the hospitality industry, design, marketing and advertising, business, architecture.

Till last year, MBBS admission in China was without NEET for Indian students but from this year every Indian candidate is required to qualify in NEET to be eligible for MBBS Admission in China.

MBBS in China for Indian Students

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year degree that allows students to choose their concentration and field of study. Many schools offer part-time enrollment options so that students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree can do so even during work or take care of the family.

China’s higher education has been voted as one of the best among Asian countries for a couple of years. This country has more than 150 distribution points in universities: both public and private in all the provinces of China.

Top MCI Recognized Medical Colleges in China

Here’s the full list:

University                                  (no of international students)

Jilin University                        62 (school year 2018-2019 was 100, 38 fewer)

China Medical University                          100

Dalian Medical University                         : 100

Capital Medical University                        : 100

Tianjin Medical University                        : 100

Shandong University              : 78 (school year 2018-2019 100, 22 fewer)

Fudan University                                         : 100

Xinjiang Medical University                      : 100

Nanjing Medical University                       : 100

Jiangsu University                                       : 100

Wenzhou Medical University                              : 100

Wenzhou Medical University (Overseas Schools): 50

Zhejiang University                                    : 100

Wuhan University                                       : 100

Huazhong University of Science and Technology: 100

Xi’an Jiaotong University                          : 100

Southern Medical University                     : 100

Jinan University                                          : 100

Guangxi Medical University                      : 100

Sichuan University                                      : 100

Chongqing Medical University                  : 100

Harbin Medical University                         : 60

Beihua University                                       : 40

Jinzhou Medical University                       : 60

Qingdao University                                     : 60

Hebei Medical University                           : 60

Ningxia Medical University                       : 60

Tongji University                                                  : 60

Shihezi University                                       : 60

Southeast University                                   : 60

Yangzhou University                                  : 60

Nantong University                                     : 60

Suzhou University                                      : 60

Ningbo University                                       : 60

Fujian Medical University                          : 60

Anhui Medical University                          : 60

Xuzhou Medical College                            : 60

Three Gorges University                             : 20

Zhengzhou University                                : 60

Guangzhou Medical University                 : 60

Sun Yat-sen University                               : 60

Shantou University                 : 20 (school year 2018-2019 was 60, 40 fewer)

Kunming Medical University                     : 60

North Sichuan Medical College                 : 40

Southwest Medical University                   : 60

Xiamen University                                      : 60


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Benefits of doing MBBS in China – MBBS Admission in China

1. China is becoming very popular with Indian MBBS students because it provides quality education.

2. China is a very safe country.

3. MBBS in China is widely respected in India.

4. MBBS in China is affordable.

5. MBBS in China is on the basis of direct admission. There is no entrance test.

6. Indian students can study MBBS in China at Top China Medical Colleges approved by MCI if they have more than 50% PCB in Class 12th.

7. Cost of MBBS in China is very affordable as compared to medical colleges in other countries.

8. China Universities are listed in World Directory of Medical Schools and approved by MCI (Medical Council of India)

9. MBBS Admission in China is without any donation.

10. MBBS studies in China is in English Medium.

11. Medical Colleges in China offer excellent education.

12. Eligibility criteria for MBBS Admission in China is very simple.
13. Many Indian students are studying in the best MBBS colleges in China.

14. MBBS with less fees in the world is possible at the MCI recognized Government Medical Universities of China.

15. MBBS fees in China is lowest in the world and the quality of teaching MBBS in China is excellent.

16. There are more than 5,000 Indian students studying MBBS in China.

17. MBBS duration in China is 5 years.

18. MBBS in China for Indian students does not require IELTS or TOEFL.

19. China MBBS program is recognized worldwide.

20. Every year more than 1,500 Indian students go to China for MBBS.

21. Indian students in China studying MBBS in China have high praise for Medical Faculty, Lecturers, Teachers and support staff that work in the top medical colleges of China.

22. MCI Coaching is given at all top Medical Universities of China.

23. Admission in China for doing MBBS in China is very simple.

24. For MBBS in China students have the option to do:

– MBBS from China Medical University
– MBBS from Zheijiang University
– MBBS from Xi’an Jiaotong University
– MBBS from Soochow University
– MBBS from Tongji University
– MBBS from Xuzhou Medical University
– MBBS from Nanjing Medical University
– MBBS from South East University

Accommodation, food & other expenses extra. Please see University Information sheet for details.

The above Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED etc. and the course is taught in English Medium.

* RMB 1 = Rs. 9.35 approximately. Estimate in Indian Currency can change based upon the Foreign Exchange Rate.


Xian Jiaotong University, China

Xian Jiaotong University China

Xian Jiaotong University China

Xian Jiaotong is one of the best universities in Western China and also one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions. Xian Jiaotong University is a member of C9 league of Elite Universities.

More details on Xian Jiaotong University, China >>>>


Tongji University, Shanghai

About the University

Tongji University is well reputed research based University in China.
The Government of China allocated a sizeable budget to Tongji University for carrying out research activities.
More than 49,000 students are enrolled in the University.
The University employs more than 4,100 teaching staff who train students in various Bachelor’s, Master’s and PH.D. courses being offered at Tongji University.
Tongji University has carved a niche for itself in many areas and is recognized and respected worldwide including in countries like Australia, Germany, India, USA etc. for its activities in imparting education, research, training and exchange programs.

Shanghai City

• Shanghai is a Chinese city located on the eastern coast of China where the Yangtze River flows into the East China Sea, and is the most populous city proper in the world, with a population of more than 24 million as of 2014.

• As one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of China, it is a global financial centre and transport hub, with the world’s busiest container port.

• Shanghai has been described as the “showpiece” of the booming economy of mainland China; renowned for its Lujiazui skyline, and museums and historic buildings, such as those along The Bund, as well as the City God Temple and the Yu Garden.

• Shanghai is the commercial and financial center of mainland China, and ranks 13th in the 2017 edition of the Global Financial Centres Index published by the Z/Yen Group and Qatar Financial Centre Authority. It also ranks the most expensive city to live in Mainland China, according to the study of economist Intelligence Unit in 2017.

• Shanghai has more than 930 kindergartens, 1,200 primary and 850 middle schools. Over 760,000 middle schools students and 871,000 primary school students are taught by 76,000 and 64,000 teaching staff respectively.

• Shanghai is a major center of higher education in China with over 30 universities and colleges. A number of China’s most prestigious universities are based in Shanghai.

Shanghai Annual Weather Pattern

Hottest Month July (29°C avg)

Coldest Month January (5°C avg)

Wettest Month June (93.9 mm avg)

Windiest Month March (14 km/h avg)

Annual Rainfall 536.0mm/year


Xuzhou Medical University

About the University

Xuzhou Medical University was founded in 1958 and it is one of the best and highly ranked medical university in China.
MBBS in Xuzhou is approved by MCI and Indian students who study MBBS in Xuzhou Medical College can practice in India after clear MCI Screening Test.
Xuzhou Medical University has one of the best infrastructure in all it’s 4 campuses which cover an area of 80 hectares.
Students gets the opportunity to learn in the 14 hospitals attached to the University.
XZMC’s well equipped library houses some very rare books apart from latest journals and scientific publications.
Tongji University, Shanghai

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Xuzhou City

Xuzhou – the 4th largest city in Jiangsu province of China, having a population of more than 85 lac people as per 2010 census is a modern city.

Well developed roads and hghways and railway connectivity make it a popular transportation hub for China’s of Shandong, Shanghai and Henan.

Xuzhou Annual Weather Pattern

Hottest Month July (28°C avg)

Coldest Month January (1°C avg)

Wettest Month July (196.9 mm avg)

Windiest Month March (9 km/h avg)

Annual Rainfall 845mm/year


China Medical University, Shenyang

The China Medical University (CMU) was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party and has more than 70 years of history.

One of the Top 10 Universities in China

The University ranks 4th among nearly 150 Medical Colleges in China.

The University offers the course in English medium since 1978.

Active research with international Universities

China Medical University

Links and exchange programs with 52 institutions from UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, RUSSIA, NEW ZELAND, JAPAN, KOREA and most of the AFRICAN countries.

Has 28 affiliated colleges, 130 departments, 43 specialisations for Doctoral programs, 52 specialisations for master’s degree.

CMU has 28 colleges with the total number of 20,287 registered students.

5 broader disciplines of pedagogy, philosophy, natural science, medicine, management of CMU are authorized to grant degrees.

43 disciplines are authorized grant of doctor degrees and 55 are authorized for grant master degrees.

11 specialties for undergraduates and 10 specialties for higher professional techniques education.

More details on China Medical University, Shenyang >>>>


Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi

Xingjia Medical University, situated in Urumqi is a very good Medical University in China offering MBBS program in English medium.

It follows a modern curriculum to impart MBBS education and offers 24 specialities for UG students and 16 for PG students.
More than 49,000 students have graduated from the University and as of now more than 12,000 students are studying there who are taught MBBS by 5,000 & more staff working at the University.

Xinjian Medical University hospitals are ranked among the best in the country and offer very good clinical exposure.

The University campus well equipped with all facilities including a modern library, hospitals, canteens etc.

The library covers an area of 1,72,000 sq. ft and has more than 1 million books.

Urumqi City

Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Region of China. Urumqi used to be a major stop on the Silk Road in ancient times. With an estimated population of 3.5 million in 2015, Urumqi is one of the largest cities in western China. Urumqi has seen a huge economical development since the 1990s.

Urumqi Annual Weather Pattern

Hottest Month July (24°C avg)

Coldest Month January (-12°C avg)

Wettest Month November (54.1 mm avg)

Windiest Month May (9 km/h avg)

Annual Rainfall 395mm/year


Fudan University, Shanghai

Fudan University is a very big university in china consisting of 68 departments in it’s 17 schools and offering more than 70 Bachelor level degree programs in nearly 21 areas and more than 130 sub-disciplines. Fudan University has more than 70 research based institutes, and 5 national key laboratories apart in addition to 110+ cross-disciplinary research based institutes.

Fudan University enrolls over 44,000, including full-time students and students in continuing education and online education. Additionally, there are nearly 1,760 students from overseas, ranking second nationally.

Research faculty at Fudan University has a strength of more than 2,500 researchers, over 1,300 teachers including professors and associate professors.

With 10 teaching hospitals, clinical exposure at Fudan University is one of the best in China. Nearly 850 highly qualified staff work in the state of the art hospitals.

International students stay in a dormitory specially made for them.

University has a very good library covering an area of 3,12,000 square foot. The library is one of the best in China with all modern facilities available.


North Sichuan Medical College, Nanchong

About the University

1. Established in 1951, North Sichuan Medical College is one of the oldest and reputed Medical Colleges of China.

2. North Sichuan Medical College has nearly 16,000 full time students including 14,277 undergraduate students.

3. North Sichuan Medical College is spread over 2 campuses – Shunqing & Gaoping spread over 1300 acres and includes:

(a) Basic Medical College:
– Basic Medical Experiment Teaching Centre
– Basic Medical Virtual Experiment Teaching Centre
(b) Medical Imaging Academy
(c) Department of Anesthesiology
(d) School of Nursing
(e) Department of Forensic Medicine
(f) Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures
(g) Department of Preventive Medicine
(h) School of Management – Sichuan Provincial Grassroots Health Care Development Center
(i) Department of Clinical Medicine
(j) Department of Medical Laboratory
(k) Department of Stomatology
(l) Department of Clinical Medicine
(m) Department of Optometry
(n) College of Pharmacy
(o) International Education Exchange Institute

(a) 18 teaching units
(b) Medical imaging , clinical medicine and other 17 undergraduate professional, medical imaging for the national characteristics of professional construction, medical imaging , Medical examination technology, optometry and anesthesiology for the professional characteristics of Sichuan Province, medical imaging, oral medicine, anesthesiology, Chinese and Western medicine for Sichuan Province, a professional enrollment; provincial quality courses and provincial boutique resources sharing Course 19; built provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, virtual simulation experimental teaching center; straight tube and non-straight tube affiliated hospital 24, teaching practice hospital 55.

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4. The College has over 900 highly experienced and educated teaching staff.
5. North Sichuan Medical College has 9 affiliated & 66 teaching hospitals.
6. The school actively strengthens foreign exchange and cooperation with the United States University of Toledo sister school, and Taiwan Fu Ying University of Technology, the United Kingdom Swansea University, Canada Saskatchewan Institute of Technology, Japan Tokyo Women’s University, ASEAN Education Center and other institutions and educational research institutions to establish a good relationship of cooperation, and actively carry out teacher training, scientific research cooperation, exchange of students and other exchange activities.
7. North Sichuan Medical College is home to 3 national scientific research labs, 3 provincial key subjects, 1 key lab, 1 top quality course and 13 key courses on the provincial level.
8. The College has a well stocked library with over 9,30,000 printed books and over 17,000 e-books & journals.
9. All classrooms are equipped with modern teaching facility.

Nanchong City

1. Nanchong is situated in the northeast of Sichuan province.

2. It is the 2nd most populated city of Sichuan province after Chengdu.

3. It is a modern city with safe & secure environment and a well developed transport system.

4. Nanchong has large quantity of natural gas & rock oil. It also has the largest slate mine in Western China.

5. Nanchong is known to be home to manufacturer’s of petroleum products, automotives & parts, mechanical equipment, building material & textiles.

Study MBBS in China – Get Admission in Top Medical Colleges with Our Expertise

SEED MBBS respects the desires of Indian students to become doctors and serve the society with the education and experience they gain. Earlier if an Indian student was unable to get admission into the top medical colleges in India through 5-6 successive attempts then even after wasting his 5 or 6 years during preparation, he assumed that the door is now closed for him. Leaving the childhood dream behind, students used to go for another career options with a disheartened approach. SEED MBBS has understood this pain of not being a successful doctor in India which continues to hurt throughout life. That is why we have created immense opportunities to study medicine in China for International students.

Low-Cost MBBS in China – When Compared to Indian Private or Deemed Universities

At SEED, we are directly in touch with the best governmental colleges all around China and we arrange everything for MBBS in China for Indian students. MBBS in China fee structure is very low when compared to other countries and this becomes the most preferred reason for students to study MBBS in abroad especially in China. MBBS China fee structure revolves around 10 to 20 lacks for the five years which is quite low when compared to the private universities in India.

Why Should You Study MBBS in China?

1. Cost Friendly Option – MBBS China reviews by the students who study MBBS in China, reveal that fee structure is quite budget friendly and within a low fee, students are easily able to get admitted in the top MBBS colleges in China.

2. SEED’S R&D – SEED MBBS has done extensive R&D in the MBBS education field and is continuously assisting the students who want to study MBBS in abroad. It has resulted into listing top governmental MBBS colleges which have been approved by MCI and China’s governmental authorities.

3. MCI Recognition – China medical colleges having been approved by MCI, make the things easier for the Indian student. SEED MBBS enrolls the students to the colleges where they can learn MCI based training or coaching so that they can successfully clear the MCI exam conducted in India for MBBS pass-outs.

4. Ease of doing MBBS in China for Indian Students – The government approved colleges in China provide MBBS education in English medium. MBBS aspirants in India do not have to clear the tough competitive exams to get admission in top MBBS colleges in China. Our study MBBS abroad consultants take care of the admission process. Their expertise helps you in securing an MBBS seat of the International level to make your dream come true.

5. Top Grade colleges – The medical colleges in China which have been approved by MCI have got different grades in China such as A+ / A / B+ / B / C+ / C as declared by World Health Organization (WHO). At SEED MBBS, we have filtered top grade colleges to let you study MBBS in the supreme environment, without being worried about MCI hurdles and other career derivatives.

6. Friendly Eligibility for Admissions – MBBS China eligibility is very friendly for the Indian students who desire to study MBBS in China. A student having done 12th standard in Science stream with Biology subject and secured a minimum aggregate of 50 % in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects can contact us at SEED MBBS to get enrolled into top MBBS colleges in China. They don’t have to appear for any kind of entrance tests.

7. Ease of Accommodation – Most of the colleges offering MBBS courses in China provide student-friendly hostel facility to let them study without any interruption and accommodation difficulty. Indian students stay here in International hostels which have well-managed infrastructure equipped with the most advanced and all required amenities.

8. No Visa Burden – When you are at SEED MBBS, you do not have to worry anymore about the documentation needs and required Visa processes. Our document experts manage these affairs and bring smiles over your face by securing all documentation needs in a managed way.

9. International Exposure – Students doing MBBS in China have the ample International exposure. It helps them in knowing the various lucrative career options after completing their degree. The students being pass-outs from China medical colleges can easily work in government hospitals in India and help the Indians in getting rid of diseases and health hazards.

10. Guaranteed Admissions – We at SEED MBBS, never play with a student’s career. For us, your career is the most important concern so we will only nod yes if we are able to meet your admission demand in the preferred college at preferred location. When it comes to study medicine in China for International students, we offer 100% guaranteed admissions to our students. Our decades of experience in higher education industry help us in securing admission seats in the top medical colleges in China.

Emerging Popularity of Study MBBS in China for Indian Students & Our Approach

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MBBS in China attracts thousands of students per year to enjoy the privilege of low-cost MBBS in China. We, at SEED MBBS, understand the importance of the abroad education, International exposure, budget friendly education expense and the quality MBBS education. So, we enable the students to get secured admission in the topmost MBBS colleges in China. Being one of the leading study MBBS abroad consultants, we are well aware of the real scenario of MBBS education worldwide. So, we have the best colleges to meet the education demands of students who want to serve the society by getting International MBBS education.

Commitment of Admission with Crystal Clear Approach

We are directly in touch with the management of top reputed MBBS colleges in China and we make our students become trained under their guidance to have a kick start to their career. We have become the one-stop solution for the students who are looking for admission in abroad with less fees. We have also financial solutions for the deserving candidates. We organize several scholarship programs to make the students grab the chance of financial assistance if he or she really deserves it. Everything from admission process to finally making you study in the college is transparent and we are crystal clear in all sorts of conversation either done with the parents or students. This is the reason for our popularity for resolving the needs of studying MBBS in China.

China – a Great Choice for MBBS Admission Abroad

Every time we think about the various options to Study MBBS Abroad, a country that comes in mind of every medical aspirant is China. Within the last few years, the country has gone through the tremendous changes in terms of development and growth. China is very rich in its culture and due to its infrastructure facilities, China has. If you check the facts, every year the count of foreign applicants is increasing in the country, especially when it comes to studying MBBS in Abroad. This all became possible due to the career opportunities the country is offering to the MBBS aspirants within the country and outside it as well.

Let’s uncover some of the reasons why to choose China to Study MBBS Abroad:The government of China has approved more than 40 medical colleges that you can find listed in WHO for allowing foreign MBBS students.

-> Many of the Medical Colleges in China is ranked amongst the top 100 Colleges across the world for providing medical education.

-> Aspirants would also be getting a golden opportunity to be an intern in some of the excellent Chinese hospitals. And these hospitals or clinics are well-equipped with the conventional medical instruments, which is a hands-on experience for a student.

-> Indian students occupy a seat in the College of China on the basis of marks secured in the secondary exam.

-> Furthermore, the fees for medical courses are cheaper in China as compared to US and UK

Hence, it would be a mindful option if you plan to do for MBBS in China. however, if you are going through any hardships in selecting a University to Study MBBS Abroad, SEED consultancy is always here to help you. Our counselors always keep in mind that your dreams are precious and hence they provide you with the best they can to secure your MBBS Admission Abroad.

Every year many International students from countries like USA, Canada, Middle East, Germany and other European countries decide to study MBBS in China.

China is fast emerging as a favorite global destination for due to high quality education, excellent infrastructure, well-equipped hospitals and high quality teaching faculty.

MBBS in China is gaining popularity not only worldwide but also in India.

MBBS in China for Indian Students is not only cost effective but is also approved by Medical Council of India. 

As China MBBS is valid in India many Indian students every year apply for MBBS in China.

China MBBS Degree Value in India is extremely high and well respected and after successful completion of MBBS and after clearing MCI Screening Test Indian students are eligible to practice in India as Doctors both in Government & Private Sector.

Further, for the reason that China MBBS is valid in India; Indian students can also complete their PG in India after doing MBBS in China.

There are many MBBS Colleges in China and Indian students are accepted in almost all the top MBBS Colleges in China.

Below is a list of Top Ten Medical Colleges in China

-Sun Yat Sen University.

-Shandong University.

-Jilin Medical University

-Fudan University.

-Ningxia Medical University.

-China Medical University.

-Tongji University.

-Wenzhou Medical University.

-Xian Jiatong University.

-Fujian Medical University.

 MBBS in China for Indian Student Eligibility criteria differ from one University to another but most Medical Universities in China are willing to accommodate Indian students who are serious of becoming Doctors.

MBBS in China Eligibility is based on Class 12 results. Most Universities accept Indian students who have scored more than 50% and above in PCB in Class 12th.

Marks Required for MBBS in China are 40% and above in PCB for OBC/SC/ST category and 50% and above for students from General category.

MBBS in China Duration is 5 or 6 years depending upon whether the student completes Internship there or in India.

MBBS in China Course Duration also varies if a student decides to pursue Foundation program before starting MBBS or enrolls directly for MBBS course.

MBBS in China reviews have all been very positive and all Indian students studying there are happy. MBBS Colleges in China offer separate hostel for boys and girls and most Universities provide accommodation in the campus or within walking distance.

Though many students feel that there are disadvantages of studying MBBS in China due to language problem, but this is not true. MBBS in China for Indian students is taught in English medium and every University has English speaking staff and faculty.

There are many benefits of Studying MBBS in China as China is a well developed country and has made immense contribution to healthcare sector worldwide. Major benefits of studying MBBS in China include studying with the best faculty, access to world class well-equipped libraries, access to some of the world’s best diagnostic facilities etc.

Is China good for MBBS? Yes & No. According to MBBS in China reviews it is a big yes as all students are happy there with the quality of education & campus life.

And No because Marks required for MBBS in China are more than countries like Kyrgyzstan, Russia etc. and hence only academically brilliant students can complete MBBS in China.

Career after MBBS in China is bright for all the students who has graduated successfully. China MBBS is valid in India and also everywhere in the world and student’s can work anywhere in the world after obtaining a license from that country.

China Medical University Fee Structure is reasonable and affordable. MBBS Fees in China for Indian Students is competitive in comparison to fees in countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Philippines etc.

Many Indian students prefer MBBS Study in China Low Fee Structure Colleges and these Colleges offer low fee structure because they get Government grants and funding. Because of this, MBBS Fees in China becomes reasonable and affordable for Indian middle class families.

At some of the Medical Universities in China, Indian students are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants and thereby complete Cheapest MBBS in China by studying hard and having a good academic performance during the course of their studies.

Many Indian banks also give education loan on MBBS Fees in China.

MBBS in China Vs MBBS in India

In India it is very difficult to get an MBBS seat in Government Colleges and fees in Indian Private Medical Colleges in very high which everyone cannot afford.

MBBS Fees in China is affordable as these are good Government Universities.

Moreover, MBBS in China for Indian Students Eligibility and chances of getting admission are high as compared to India.

With so many benefits of studying MBBS in China many Indian students prefer MBBS Colleges in China.

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I am a student of MBBS in Osh State University – International Medical Faculty. I have taken admission abroad through SEED and I am highly impressed with their professional approach.

Asraf Ali

Thanks to SEED MBBS Abroad, I have been able to get admission in MBBS at Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines. Team at SEED guided me properly at every step and I am extremely satisfied with their services.

Akanksha Rai