Study MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

More than 6,000 foreign students study at universities in Belarus each year. The country, located in eastern Poland and western Russia, places great value on university education and offers affordable courses for international students as well as a variety of study courses.

A university education is much appreciated in Belarus and the country enjoys a large proportion of students compared to the general population. Most of the universities here are accredited by global associations such as UNESCO, WHO and MCI, and many universities of Host invited faculty frequently from the United States, UK and other parts of Europe.

Study MBBS in Belarus

The theoretical training of MBBS in Belarus for Indian studentsis done during the first and second courses. In these courses, foreign students study separately from Belarusian students. The groups are made up of 8-10 students. Students learn anatomy, histology, cytology, embryology, general chemistry, organic synthesis, biology, general medical genetics, normal physiology and biochemistry.

A highly qualified faculty of the theoretical departments of the University offers the teaching of basic medical disciplines to a high scientific and methodological level. Along with medical and biological subjects students study Russian.

In the third and fourth courses students study clinical disciplines: pathological physiology and pathological anatomy, microbiology and pharmacology, general surgery, internal medicine, hygiene and public health, etc. Students visit clinics and hospitals for the first time, where they form the basis for their future careers. Classes are taught in groups with native Russian language. Foreign students are surrounded by care and attentions, not only by teachers, but also by their fellow Belarusian class.

Training in the fifth and sixth courses is aimed at building knowledge and skills of a specialist. Students study internal diseases and surgical diseases, pediatrics and ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat, infectious and tropical diseases, psychiatry and others. All students have the opportunity to contact patients, participate in clinical rounds and consultations, participate in medical diagnostic procedures and be present in the operating room.

MBBS in Belarus for Indian students

The courses are offered individually classes that offer opportunities for higher education in various areas of study. By adopting a series of classes focused on a single category, students can obtain a certificate or degree in their field of interest. Belarus offers the best university education, especially the best teacher-student relationship. This system of education has not only attracted students from the country, but also international students. The country has 15 universities with universities in Belarus as the best university in the country.