MBBS in International Medical College, Gazipur

International Medical College Gazipur

Well furnished accommodations are available for male and female students in two separate hostels. Three are separate blocks for foreign male and female students. Both the hostels are adequately furnished with articles needed for everyday living and entertainment. Well trained cooks for both local and foreign students are provided by the College for both the hostels.

College Financials & Payment Plan

Description Amount
At the Time of Registration / Admission
Development Fee US$ 20,000/-
Admission Fee US$ 2,500/-
Annual Fees US$ 600/-

US$ 23,100.00

Month 1 to Month 18
Tuition Fee @ US$ 200/- per month x 18 months
US$ 3,600.00
Month 19 to Month 42
Tuition Fee @ US$ 225/- per month x 42 months
US$ 9,450.00
Hostel Fees
US$ 35/- per month x 60 months
US$ 2,100.00
Annual Fees
US$ 600/- for rest 4 years payable annually
US$ 3,000.00
TOTAL US$ 40,650.00

After the Registration / Admission lumpsum payment of US$ 23,100/- the monthly fees can be paid in advance or every month.
Food / Mess extra approx US$ 60/- per month.