MBBS Admission in Bangladesh: Ad din Womens Medical College

Ad din Womens Medical College BangladeshAd din Womens Medical College, Bangladesh

Since it’s inception, the Medical College has been continually striving for excellence in the field of Medical Education. It is in the process of shaping young minds to become future leaders in Health Services, Medical education and Public Health.
The educational strategy is to create a conducive learning environment and guide students to acquire the appropriate knowledge, skills and temperament to practice medicine and be a member of the multidisciplinary health care tea.

Given the focus of the Ad-din Hospital on serving the underprivileged population of Bangladesh, the students get an opportunity to blossom into empathetic doctors dedicated to serving their community.

About the College

  • Ad-din Women’s Medical College is a project of Ad-din Foundation – a foundation which is serving the underprivileged women & children of Bangladesh.
  • Established in 2008, the Medical College is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • The Medical College is affiliated to Dhaka University and it’s MBBS program is approved by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council.
  • The College is well-equipped with adequate classrooms, laboratories, a modern fully equipped library, auditorium etc.
  • The College follows a multidisciplinary approach – unifying the fundamentals of modern science, clinical practice & information technology tools.
  • The college is home to some of the finest Professors & Lecturers of Bangladesh.

Dhaka City

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is one of the largest city in the Country.

The city is one among the most populated city in the world with the inhabitants of around 16.5 million.

It is also considered as the third populated city on the globe.

Also, Dhaka is a city with inhabitants of ethnic communities and diverse religions. This city is the cultural, political and economic center of the entire country.

College Financials

One Time Development Fee = US$ 12,185/-
Admission Fee = US$ 1,500/-

Tuition Fee

Pre-Clinical US$ 200/- x 18 months = US$ 3,600/-
Clinical US$ 200/- x 42 months = US$ 8,400/-
Other Fees (One Time) = US$ 4,315/-
Food & Accommodation = US$ 5,000/-
TOTAL= US$ 35,000/-

Payment Plan

At the time of admission = US$ 10,000/-
1st week of July = US$ 5,000/-

Balance US$ 20,000/- in 8 equal installments of US$ 2,500/- each payable after every 6 months.

NOTE – Fees mentioned above are of last academic year.

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