MBBS in Bangladesh

  • MBBS in Bangladesh is taught in English Medium.
  • MBBS in Bangladesh is taught in 29 Government and some private medical colleges which are affiliated to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh.
  • Many indian students are studying MBBS in Bangladesh as it is economical as compared to costs of studying MBBS from a Private Medical College in India.
  • MBBS in Bangladesh duration is 6 years and the course is approved by Medical Council of India.
  • Due to similar climatic & living conditions the disease pattern is similar to India and hence it is a popular destination for MBBS.
  • Admission process is very simple and there is no entrance exam for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh. Admissions are based on Class 12 result and there is no donation required to be paid for admission.
  • After completing MBBS in Bangladesh, Indian students can practice in India as a doctor after clearing the MCI Screening Test.

List of Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

mbbs in bangladesh

The following Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are popular with Indian students:
Bangladesh Medical College
East West Medical College
Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College
Ad Din’s Women’s Medical College
Dhaka Community Medical College
US Bangla Medical College

About Bangladesh Country

  • Bangladesh is a country in South Asia.
  • It shares its borders with India & Myanmar.
  • Bangladesh is world’s 8th most populated country.
  • Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The 2nd largest city in Bangladesh is Chittagong.
  • Bangladesh is a muslim majority country and Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh is home to largest mangrove forest in the world “Sundarbans”.
  • Bangladesh is a developing countryand has 2nd highest foreign exchanges after India.
  • Major industries include textile, shipbuilding, leather, pharmaceuticals

Education System in Bangladesh

The literacy rate in Bangladesh is approximately 65%.
There are many government schools in primary, secondary & higher secondary level.
The country follows 5 steps of education level:
   a. Grade 1 to 5 = Primary.
   b. Grade 6 to 8 = Junior Secondary.
   c. Grade 9 to 10 = Secondary.
   d. Grade 11 to 12 = Higher Secondary.
   e. Tertiary.
Education in Bangladesh is mainly taught in Bengali language but since last few years many English Medium schools have opened.

Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College

US Bangla Medical College

Ad din Women’s Medical College

Dhaka Community Medical College

Bangladesh Medical College

International Medical College

East West Medical College

Gazi Medical College

Mainamoti Medical College & Hospital

Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College

The above Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED etc. and the course is taught in English Medium.
* USD 1 = Rs. 65/- approximately. Estimate in Indian Currency can change based upon the Foreign Exchange Rate.

Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College

Admission in Medical College Bangladesh
The College Campus of Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College is one of its main attractions The college has a very accessible & a modern campus with a state of the art modern building of 12 floors. Attached to the teaching area is a modern fully equipped 50 bed hospital covering 21 floors.
Year of Establishment: 2011      Course Offered: MBBS (Dhaka University)

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US Bangla Medical College

About the College

  • US Bangla Medical College is a modern medical college in Bangladesh located in Dhaka.
  • The college is home to some highly skilled faculty members including the who’s-who of the Medical field of Bangladesh.
  • College facilities and infrastructure include fully equipped class rooms & laboratories, well furnished library, all modern diagnostic equipment and Operation Theaters

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Ad din Womens Medical College, Bangladesh

Ad-Din Women’s Medical College, Dhaka was established in 1980 by the Ad-din Foundation – a foundation assisting the underprivileged section of the society of Bangladesh. In the last 27 years the Foundation has initiated more projects to help the poor and needy people. It also runs an orphanage in Jessore.

Ad-din Foundation has Colleges to train students in MBBS & Nursing in Dhaka, Jessore & Kishtia towns of Bangladesh. The Foundation also regularly organizes free health check up camps. It’s mobile eye clinics also ensure that people in remote areas get access to best of the treatment.

Ad din Womens Medical College Bangladesh

Ad-din Hospital Dhaka was established in 1997 with the aim of providing affordable quality case. Ad-din chain of hospitals are now recognized as centers of excellence and acclaimed for their quality, affordability and patient friendliness.
In 2008, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh accorded approval to Ad-din Women’s Medical College.

Ad-din Women’s Medical College is located in the heart of Dhaka city. It has been able to secure excellent teaching facilities and a dedicated team of faculty members – some of whom are authorities in their own disciplines are heading the various Departments.

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Dhaka Community Medical College

Dhaka Community Medical College & Hospital based in Dhaka, Bangladesh was established in 1998. It is a non-profit organization.

Dhaka Community Medical College is affialietd to Dhaka University and its students are awarded a degree from University of Dhaka.

The Colleges teaches MBBS in English medium and the course duration is 6 years.

The college has am impressive modern infrastructure with well-equipped library, laboratories, computer rooms, class rooms etc.
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Bangladesh Medical College (BMC)

Bangladesh Medical College (BMC) is the first private medical college in Bangladesh. It was established in the year 1986. The college consists of one campus in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, \that includes an attached hospital. The College and the Hospital are run by Bangladesh Medical Studies and Research Institute (BMSRI) which is a non political and non profitable organization.

BMC is affiliated with Dhaka University and is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC)

Bangladesh Medical College


International Medical College, Gazipur

International Medical College (IMC) was established in the year 2000. The International Medical College & Hospital is located at the outskirts of the commercial township of Tongi and is about 22 km away from the city centre of Dhaka.

IMC is affiliated with Dhaka University and is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC)

International Medical College Gazipur

The present campus of the College has an area of about 9 acres of land. The college and all preclinical and para-clinical departments are located in the academic building. The Classrooms, Dissection hall, Laboratories, Museum, Library and other facilities are in the various floors of the Academic Building.

International Medical College Hospital (IMCH) is the academic hospital of the College. It is a 575 bedded multidisciplinary Hospital Complex which is located in the proximity to the College building.

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East-West Medical College & Hospital, Bangladesh

East-West Medical College & Hospital has been established under the trustee board of ‘Alim Foundation’ Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year 2000. East West Medical College & Hospital is a registered institution permitted by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and affiliated by Dhaka University and recognized by BMDC.

East-West Medical College Bangladesh

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Gazi Medical College

About the College

• Gazi Medical College was established in 2011 and is located in Khula – the 3rd largest city of Bangladesh.

• Gazi Medical College offers MBBS program which is approved by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council.

• The college is affiliated to University of Rajshahi.

• The College offers excellent infrastructure in terms of well equipped classrooms with audio-visual equipment.

• Library of the College is well stocked with medical books & journals.

• All the departments are well equipped and qualified teaching staff is available to teach students.

• The College has a nicely organized dissection hall with latest instruments and a morgue is situated in the adjacent hall.

• The College has a highly reputed 500 beeded hospitals with all important departments like Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Cardiology, ENT etc.

Khulna City

The 3d largest city in Bangladesh, Khulna holds the administrative seat of Khulna Division and Khulna District.

According to the census 2011, this city of Bangladesh consists the population of more than 6,50,000.

Located on the Rushpa river, Khulna city is an old river port and considered as the significant hub for Bangladeshi industries as it hosts various national companies.

Khulna has been served the second largest seaport in the Bangladesh, named Port of Mongla. Not only this but the city is one among the two Naval command centers of the Navy in Bangladesh. Titumir, the Navy base is situated in the city.

Also, the city has been recognized as the main gateway of world’s largest tidal forest, Sunderban which is home to the Bengal tiger.

Khulna city is located north of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mosque City of Bagerhat.

Mainamoti Medical College

About the College

• Mainamoti Medical College and Hospital is one of The leading Medical College Providing Education and Health Care Services of Truly Global Standards. A Comprehensive Range of General and Super Specialized Medical Services are Provided Here.

• The College Comprises of well-trained Personnel. We are Successfully Accomplishing our Mission to serve the Society with ourWidespread infrastructure.

• MMMCH Provides a 24/7 Services. Departments like Emergency & Casualty, Critical care unit, Blood bank, Central Diagnostic Lab and Ambulance services works round the clock to implement the Growing Requirements of Patients.

• The college is approved by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and it is affiliated to Chittagong University.

• College has a library with an Excellent Collection of latest Books, Monographs, Journals, Magazines and Newspaper, The library of the College has Internet Initiative.

• Separate Common Rooms for Male & Female students with Television, Indoor Games and Entertainment.

• The Teachers of the College are Dedicated lot, laboriously Fulfilling their Duties, Always Ready to Put in that Extra Effort & time When Students Ask for Out of Schedule Help.

• The College is fully Residential. There are Separate Hostels for Girls and Boys with Required Facilities Which are located in the Nearby Campus.. All Students Admitted to this College Must Reside in the Allocated Students’ Hostel and Maintain the Discipline & Academic Environment in the Hostel.

Comilla City

Comilla city consists of a number of tourist attractions.

There are many archaeological relics that have been discovered in the city, particularly those belonging to the Seventh and Eighth Century, which is now protected and preserved in the famous Mainamati Museum.

Various archaeological relics discovered in the district, especially from the 7th–8th century, are now preserved in the Mainamati Museum. This is why Mainamati has been considered as the famous Buddhist archaeological site.

Also, in Comilla exists a Second World War cemetery that has been maintained and protected by the ‘Commonwealth War Graves Commission’.

Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College

About the College

• Established in 1995, Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College is located in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

• The College is approved by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and is affiliated to Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet.

• The College campus is in an impressive 8.22 acre area consisting of 3,65,000 square feet of buildings for teaching purpose and for hostel.

• The modern hospital attached to the College has a built up area of 2,36,000 square feet.

• The College is fully equipped with modern class rooms, a huge library have all the latest journals and books, cafeteria, dormitories etc.

• The College is also approved for Post Graduate training in the fields of:

– Medicine
– Surgery
– Paediatric
– Opthalmology
– Pathology
– Orthopaedics
– Cardiology amongst others.

Sylhet City

Sylhet city, located in the north- eastern part of Bangladesh, is one among the administrative divisions of Bangladesh.

Sylhet Division shares the boundary with Meghalaya, an Indian state, to the north, Tripura, an Indian state, to the south, Assam which is again Indian state to the east, and of course Dhaka and Chittagong divisions to the west.

The city was known as “Jalalabad” in the Sultani period.

The metropolitan city has a lush highland terrain and subtropical climate. Sylhet has a population of around 8 Lakh inhabitants.

After Chittagong and Dhaka, Sylhet is one among the most famous cities of Bangladesh and this is all because of its importance in the economy of the country, and its status of a tourist destination as well. The burial sites of Muslim saints or dargahs attracts thousands of devotees every year in the city.

Not only this but the city is one of the Bangladesh’s most significant cultural and spiritual centers.

The biggest oil and gas-producing region of the country is the hinterland of the Sylhet Valley. Largely, it is famous for the high-quality agarwood and cane.

Last but not the least Sylhet’s people form a vital share of the Bangladeshi diaspora, especially in Britain.

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Suitable Infrastructure for MBBS Education in Bangladesh

The medical colleges in Bangladesh have the supreme infrastructures which have been dedicatedly developed to meet the demands of MBBS study and help the students in getting the certified MBBS degree. Delivering the international standard of medical education, Bangladesh medical colleges are successfully making the students be aware of all the insights of the medical industry. Proper laboratories have been developed inside the college campus to make sure that the students are able to experiment whatever they learn in these colleges.

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Advantages Associated with Bangladesh Medical Colleges

The medical colleges in Bangladesh are known for their quality education and the perfect faculty which deliver the International level of education. The colleges here have the most modern infrastructures and course materials to leverage the benefits of most advanced medical learning within the six years of MBBS course. The degree you will be receiving from these colleges is approved by Medical Council of India (MCI). And after clearing the MCI screening test, you can further study in India and start your medicinal practices as well. The course curriculum designed for students to study MBBS abroad meets the MCI screening standard and students are also provided the special training by the faculty to get rid of MCI hurdle in India within minimum efforts after completing their MBBS education in Bangladesh.

Being in the neighborhood region, the students are able to perform the practical treatments on the similar diseases to India which become beneficial for them when they return back to India and start their own clinics or medicinal practices. Apart from this, the students have the cultural advantages as well. Being in the vicinity of India, the students never have to worry about the Indian foods, the medium of instruction, the language of interaction, Indian culture, lifestyle and much more. They will be getting the much similar experience while they study MBBS Bangladesh. The travelling fare is also quite low when compared to other destinations where students want to study MBBS abroad.

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