Study MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students

MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students is now easy.
Armenia – a country between Asia & Europe is fast becoming a very popular destination among Indian students who are keen to study MBBS abroad.

Some of the reasons why MBBS in Armenia is fast becoming an important & popular destination among Indian MBBS students are as follows:

1. Armenia is home to some of the finest Medical Universities of the World.
2. The Medical Universities in Armenia are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and are recognized by the World Health orgainization (WHO).
3. The MBBS course in Armenia is also recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
4. MBBS Universities in Armenia are recognized globally and their degrees are valid worldwide.
5. MBBS admission in Armenia is direct and there is no Entrance Exam.
6. Till last year, MBBS admission in Armenia was without NEET for Indian students but from this year every Indian candidate is required to qualify in NEET to be eligible for MBBS Admission in Armenia.
7. Among the MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Armenia, Yerevan State Medical University is the most popular University in Armenia for MBBS Course.
8. MBBS in Yerevan State Medical University is taught in English medium.
9. India students prefer Armenia as MBBS in Armenia fee is reasonable and easily affordable.
10. MBBS Course in Armenia is of 5 years 8 months duration.

Till last year, MBBS admission in Armenia was without NEET for Indian students but from this year every Indian candidate is required to qualify in NEET to be eligible for MBBS Admission in Armenia.

MBBS in Yerevan state medical university

The university was coined in 1920 and known as one amongst the best Government Universities of Armenia.

Yerevan State Medical University has been listed successfully in the World Directory for Medical Science and the degree obtained from the University is perceived worldwide, also by MCI.

Till now, the University has trained about 35,000 doctors from various parts of the world and they all are practicing well and serving the society across the globe.

Currently, around 1550 foreign students are studying MBBS in Armenia and this number includes approx 1500 Indian students.

Yerevan State Medical University holds a great respect as it is in partnership with around thirty big Universities across the world for great cooperation and research activities.

The University has an art campus including academic, diagnostic laboratories, administrative, clinics, library, auditoriums, and much more. Not only has this but if we add up the number the University had more than 400 auditoriums for the student groups.

The University is also home to some of the well-known scientists and academicians of Armenia and their total number is around 1000.

The University has 15 specialized state of the art hospitals which provide quality medical services to it’s patients. Student’s get an opportunity for clinical exposure at all of these hospitals:

1. Armenia Republican Medical Centre (740 beds)
2. Shengavit Medical Centre (67 beds)
3. Malatia Medical Centre (124 beds)
4. Erebouni Medical Centre (750 beds)
5. Mikayelyan Institute of Surgery (110 beds)
6. Grigor Lousavorich Medical Centre (526 beds)
7. Kanaker-Zeytun Medical Centre (200 beds)
8. Nork Republican Infectious Clinical Hospital (300 beds)
9. Nairi Medical Centre (100 beds)
10. Armenicum Clinical Centre (50 beds)
11. Sourb Nerses Mets Medical Centre (116 beds)
12. Sourb Astvatsamayr Medical Centre (368 beds)
13. Maternal and Child Health Centre (300 beds)
14. Haematology Centre after Prof. R. Yeolyan (90 beds)
15. Armed Medical Centre (192 beds)
16. S. Malayan’s Eye Centre (125 beds)
17. National Oncological Centre after V.A. Fanarjyan (500 beds)
18. Outpatient Clinic at Grigor Narekatsi Medical Centre

The University has an impressive library with over 6,50,000 books, periodicals & scientific journals.

International students are provided accommodation in 2 buildings. There are separate hostels for boys & girls and are equipped with all basic facilities including central heating. Indian food is available.

Yerevan City

Yerevan city is the capital of Armenia and is the political cultura, industrial & education center of the country.

It is populary known as “City of Fountains” and as “rosy colored city”, as it’s buildings are made of pink stones in different shades.

Yerevan is a modern developed city with a safe & secure environment.

The city has a well-developed public transit system with city buses, trolley buses, metro and mini-vans operating. Most people in the capital use public transit. Private cars and taxis are also available.

Armenaia Weather

Quick Climate Info


Hottest Month August (24 °C avg)
Coldest Month January (-3 °C avg)
Wettest Month May(60.9 mm avg)
Windiest Month March (14 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall 333.5 mm (per year)