MBBS in Europe

Many Indians students who fail to get MBBS admission in India plan to do MBBS in Europe to fulfill their childhood dreams of becoming a Doctor and heal people who are sick and suffering from diseases.

Europe continent consists of 50 countries and majority of these countries are developed with a robust and strong education system.

Many of these countries are home to some of the top MBBS Universities. Majority of these Universities are Government Universities with a rich history. These are research based Universities which actively collaborate with other Medical Universities in the world and are members of various associations, research organizations etc.

Getting admission to Study MBBS in Europe is competitive. Many Universities take entrance exam followed by a personal interview to assess the level of interest and passion.

Ukraine, which is the largest country in Europe is home to nearly 30 Medical Universities. Many Indian students prefer to do MBBS in Ukraine as the quality of education is one the best in the world. Ukraine Medical Universities have a rich and glorious history and it’s graduates are placed successfully in all corners of the world.

An Indian student, who plans to do MBBS Abroad, prefers to do MBBS in Ukraine as MCi success rate of Indian students graduating from Ukrainian Medical Universities is very high.

Admission procedure is also very simple as the Universities in Ukraine accept the Indian students Class 12 marks as an entry criteria. MBBS in Ukraine is taught in English language so it makes it more easy for an Indian student to study. It is estimated that nearly 8,000 Indian students are studying in Ukraine. Being a popular destination, many Universities in Ukraine has set up Indian mess so Indian students get home like food and an environment is created that they feel comfortable. Universities also take the initiative to organize events where Indian students can showcase their talent, hobbies, skills and share the rich Indian culture with other international students studying in the University.

These Universities have safe and secure residential facilities for International students. Students are provided with all basic amenities in their hostels.

Medical Degree obtained from these Universities are recognized worldwide as these medical schools are recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Ukrainian Medical Universities have world class infrastructures, well equipped classrooms, laboratories, teacher, faculty and modern teaching & affiliated hospitals where students get to learn.

All these advantages, international recognitions and facilities simply makes it easier for an Indian parent, who is planning to send their child for MBBS abroad, to take a decision to enroll their child to do MBBS in Ukraine so his dreams to Study MBBS in Europe comes true.