MBBS in Georgia Testimonials

When it comes to choosing an option for studying MBBS abroad, it’s quite rare to think of countries like Georgia in Eastern Europe. Though, the colleges I selected were extremely expensive that I could not even afford them. One of the MBBS experts from SEED, guided me to find an institution which would both suit my institutional need and fit in my budget as well. After two years of studying at the Tbilisi Mental Health Center, I am very happy that I did not choose any other option!

– Shyam Pathak

Great people!!! I sent my daughter to study MBBS in Georgian-American Family Medical Clinic. SEED consultancy service is very good when it comes to MBBS. I highly recommend to everyone to seek this consultancy when it’s about your child’s future.

– Monu Chawla

Every team member at SEED is really very helpful as they always encouraged me and provided me with confidence that I would surely find a suitable medical college for myself. Also, they suggested me how I could get an education loan and remain in touch with me until the time I reached my hostel room at the Amtel Hospital, Georgia. Now I am really satisfied with my choice and all thanks to SEED.

– Anusha Priya

Best Experience!! My son is studying in Hepatology Clinic, Georgia. I sent him along with four of his friends to study MBBS over there. SEED staff took care of all our work really well. Also, I recommended my relatives to contact SEED if they are also looking for their children bright future.

– Mukesh Malik

In spite of having a good result in my school finals, I was not able to find any reputed medical college in India where I could seek for admission. It was the time when I was feeling really disappointed with myself and then a friend of mine introduced SEED consultancy to me. Now here am I, studying at Pediatric Private Clinic, Georgia. I am thoroughly enjoying my studies and really thankful to SEED consultancy for their guidance.

– Chaitanya Patil

I want to thank the entire team at work in SEED, MBBS consultancy for bringing me so much closer to my dream. I was not much aware of the options of studying medicine at such low fees and that admission could be so hassled free. Now I am studying in Al. Tsulukidze Urology Center, Georgia and enjoying my study at fullest. Thank you SEED for bringing it to light.

– Kartik Pandey

I am grateful to the team at SEED for helping me find the perfect university in Georgia. I am really glad to be chosen in Medical Diagnostic Center. Here, I do not only get to learn about medicine but also find a vast scope to open my mind up to so many things by mixing with other students of my age from different parts of the world. It is really a pleasant experience!

– Deepak Verma

Hepatology clinic in Georgia is an excellent institution with a standard syllabus, modest environment and friendly teachers. Here, the teaching process is based on practical knowledge rather than following a typical method. Projects and seminars are often assigned to enhance student’s knowledge. I thanks to SEED for all their help.

– Dashrath Soren

I am from Chandigarh and I am going for MBBS in Georgia in Hepa. I am going through SEED, an MBBS consultancy. Believe me, the experts here are the best and they really helped me a lot. Thank you SEED!

– Prasanna Rani

I am going to study MBBS in Georgia, in Hepatology Clinic and I was being assisted by SEED consultancy. These people really helped me a lot and it is a great opportunity that I am going abroad for medical education. Thank you, Vijay sir for helping me.

– Kapil Deshmukh

I took admission for MBBS in Georgia through SEED consultancy. Here the experts guided me well and also told me about admission and Visa process which others don’t tell always. They even help me to settle down and stayed in the college hostel. Thank You, guys!

– Naveen Korlapu

My experience with SEED is quite nice as I am going to Pediatric Private Clinic without any problem and I am really grateful for that. I was guided really well by Mr. Vijay. This consultancy is very fair and tells everything in detail.

– Vimala Nayak

The solutions provided by SEED consultancy are the best and according to the requirements of the students. They assisted me a lot in deciding the right college and answered all my questions firmly. Without these people, I would not have found the best path for myself. I also got my VISA in no time. All thanks to SEED!

– Rekha Chilllar

I sent my son to study MBBS in Georgian-American Family Medicine Clinic. The experts at SEED helped us finding this college. I am quite happy with this consultancy as my son is doing well in his studies.

– Suniram Mardi

SEED experts, you are the best! I am studying MBBS in Pediatric Private Clinic Georgia. After many considerations, I choose SEED consultancy and trust me they are the best. I praise them for all their services.

– Anusha Bavurapilli