MBBS in Bangladesh: SEED MBBS Student Testimonials

Very good! I sent my son to study MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College. And all this became possible due to SEED consultancy as the staff here have taken care of everything – from admission to visa and everything that needs to be done for my son’s admission. Really grateful to you!
– Rahmat Hidayat

I am studying MBBS in East West Medical College, Bangladesh. I went to Bangladesh along with so many Indian Indian students. SEED consultancy is very good as they help me to find the best college in Abroad.

– Shahzar Syed Khan

I am studying MBBS in Dhaka Community Medical College. SEED consultancy took care of my admission, visa and everything required for my admission in Bangladesh. I highly recommend SEED for MBBS admission.

– Shameema Mohammad

I am pursuing my MBBS from Ad Din Women’s Medical College. After visiting many consultancies I choose SEED as they have no hidden charges. They do not only provide me with the best college, just what I wanted for myself but they also helped me in the process of admission which made my journey from India to Bangladesh so comfortable.

– Aparna Nerella

I am studying MBBS in International Medical College, Bangladesh. This dream of mine came to reality when I met the people in SEED. I am from Mumbai and I applied online for their service. These people are very good as they provide first class facility to all their students. I am happy with their service and recommend to all.

– Sahil Gohar

When I was struggling to get admission in a profound university, SEED consultancy helped me a lot. First, I was not sure to trust a consultancy being a safe decision or not as they are far from my place. But now I am quite happy for choosing SEED because they are the best. I am studying MBBS in Gazi Medical College and I found this consultancy very reasonable when compared to other consultancies.

– Hazrat Ali

I sent my daughter to study MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College. I am from Delhi and my daughter took admission via SEED consultancy. I am quite happy with service they provide. It’s all due to them that the Visa process became very easy for us as they took all the charge on themselves. Great Visiting!

– Anwar Hussain

I finished my MBBS in Bangladesh and now working in a good hospital in Chennai. All this happen because of SEED consultancy. Thanks for your services guys and I am really grateful for your efforts.

– Savita Singh

I firstly want to thanks, SEED consultancy for helping me to get an admission in Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College, Bangladesh. I am very grateful to Mr. Vijay in helping me throughout the process of admission. He answered to all my questions which I had been unsure about. I came to know about this consultancy with the help of one of my friends. And after coming here, I came to know well about the service they provide. I am completely satisfied with the service of SEED. The admission cost is also very moderate overall.

All Thanks to SEED for the great support.

– Hanan Yousofiya

I was looking for admission in Mainamoti Medical College and Hospital last year. Then, I started searching on the internet for Admissions and came across to SEED consultancy. My experience with the team of SEED regarding college and Education system in Bangladesh was quite amazing as they are exceptionally prominent in the management for guiding students and parents by installing relevant confidence level for joining in Bangladesh.

– Dr. Alia Shraf Hossain

There was a time when I was wondering where I could do my MBBS program. But then I came to know about SEED through one of my relative who took admission through this consultancy. I contacted these people and got a clear image of MBBS program in Bangladesh. I made my mind to join SEED and this was one of the best decisions of my life. Now I have completed my MBBS from US-Bangla Medical College and I am really obliged for their help in making my dream come true.

– Dr. Khalid Bilal

I want to thanks, SEED for helping me to get admission in International Medical College, Bangladesh. This is one of the peaceful places to study and also we get the best study environment for sure. SEED consultancy has really made my dream of becoming a doctor real. Their Staff really treated me well in all the procedures involved in the admission process.

Thank You SEED!

– Uzma Masood

This is the truth; people get worried to go to other countries to study. My personal advice is that studying in Abroad is not a difficult thing but it is something that depends on the student, whether they wish to pursue or not. SEED is one such consultancy that provides you with the best answers when it comes to studying MBBS in Abroad. I am also doing MBBS from Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College, Bangladesh with the help of SEED consultancy

You are best Guys! Keep up your job!!

– Rajanya Rettadi

It is a privilege to write a testimonial for SEED. I am very thankful to them for the services and guidance given to me. I thank you for all the advice and guidance you have given me over the years and I am thankful to you, getting and admission in Gazi Medical College and helping me out with the complicated visa process, thereby ensuring to get my visa.

– Nizaam Rasood

I thank SEED from the bottom of my heart for helping me right from application to visa process. All my counselling sessions were extremely satisfactory. Without your proper guidance, my dream to study in Bangladesh might not have been achieved. It has been a wonderful journey studying at Ad Din Women’s Medical College. Thank You.

– Farhat Khan