MBBS ABROAD – What to keep in mind

As all of us are aware main objective of Indian students who take Science stream in their Class 11th & 12th have one and only once objective to become a MBBS Doctor.

Unfortunately, there are only 55,000 medical seats in India and on the other there are more than 11 lac aspirants competing for these seats. Competition is extreme and one consider himself/herself very lucky if they get a seat in India.

Those who don’t get a seat in India decide to take MBBS Admission Abroad. Let us look at some points which need to be kept in mind while opting for MBBS Abroad:

1. University / College where MBBS admission is being taken in a foreign country should be approved by MCI – Medical Council of India.
2. The foreign University / Medical College should be listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).
3. The medium of instruction of MBBS should be in English.
4. It should be a reputed University – preferably old with a proven track record of successfully producing quality Doctors.
5. The University should have good infrastructure and facilities, good anatomy and bio-chemistry laboratories, well-equipped library with latest books, medical journals, scientific publications etc.
6. Most importantly, it should have highly experience faculty – Professors, Associate Professors, Head of Departments with strong & relevant experience in their positions.
7. The attached hospitals should be well equipped and there should be a good flow of patients so students get good clinical exposure.

Indian students who opt for MBBS in Europe and take admission in various Government Universities for MBBS in Ukraine get all of above. Though the fees is very high – approx.. 25-35 lacs is required in 6 years, many students still make Ukraine their preferred choice due to the high quality of medical education in these countries.

Students who have less budget can & do opt for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan also taught in English medium and is approved by MCI and tuition fee in some Universities is under 8 lac rupees.

Students who do MBBS from outside India are eligible to practice in India and statistics show that students who do MBBS from these 2 countries clear MCI screening test easily. It may be noted here that MCI Screening test, conducted by NBE is compulsory to be cleared before a foreign medical graduation can practice in India. There are unlimited attempt to clear the MCI Screening Test.

These countries offer safe and secure environment, and quality education. Government Universities in these countries are research based, have patents registered in their names, attract the best of scholars and researchers and are literally an ocean of knowledge in the field of health sciences.

Why compromise on quality when wanting to become a Doctor? Choose the best. And the best is available at an affordable cost.

Good quality education in the field of MBBS is not costly – choose a Government University to do MBBS – they are more interested in imparting quality education rather than making money.