MBBS Abroad: Important Points

Here we will discuss about the things to be kept in mind at the time of taking MBBS Admission abroad.

Many students think MBBS Abroad in Cheap Low Budget colleges qualities is not a good option. This is totally incorrect as MBBS Abroad colleges offering low fees are mostly government colleges and it is a well known fact that government colleges are more interested in providing quality education than making money.

MBBS abroad at low cost in no way compromises on the quality of the course if it is done from a Government University.

Low Cost MBBS abroad option attracts a lot of Indian students, especially from middle class families, students who have good grades but limited budget to complete MBBS studies.

Statistics prove that Indian students from middle class families have benefitted from doing MBBS abroad at low cost as high quality of education has assured them jobs as Doctors in India.

System of taking MBBS admission abroad is very simple and these at low cost MBBS colleges do not take any donation.

However, it is important to check the the college being selected for MBBS abroad is MCi approved Government college. If a student completes MBBS in abroad in a MCI approved university then he / she is eligible to sit in the MCI Screening Test and work as a Doctor in India after clearing the exam.

Indian Banks and loan companies also provide education loan for MBBS abroad at MCI approved Government Universities. The interest rates on these education loans for MBBS is low and generally the repayment starts 1 year after the student completes his MBBS degree which is generally of 6 years duration.

Scholarships for MBBS Abroad are also available. Very simple based on Class 12 result. Most good Universities to attract good talent provide scholarships for 1st year. These scholarships may include discount on fees, books & study material etc.

Admission process for MBBS abroad in top and best low fees Medical Colleges Abroad is generally based on Class 12 marks. In some cases a skype interview is also taken.

To study MBBS in abroad it is important that a student should find a reliable MBBS Abroad Consultant. A trustworthy MBBS abroad consultant always gives right advice as he is in touch with the foreign medical college or foreign medical university directly.

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