I am an Indian student just completed Class 12th. How can I qualify to do MBBS from USA?

To do MBBS in USA an Indian student, after Class 12th has to either go for a Pre-Medical Course – also known as a Preparatory course or complete B.Sc. degree in order to qualify for MBBS in USA.

The entry criteria for MBBS in USA is long and costly and that is why Indian students after completing their class 12 go to Ukraine, China, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan or other countries to study MBBS and become a Doctor.

If you have completed your B.Sc. degree in India then you are eligible to apply for MBBS in USA. You have to follow the following procedure to apply for MBBS in Top Ranking Medical Universities of USA:

1. Visit the website of Association of American Medical Colleges and fill in the form to appear in MCAT.
2. MCAT is the Medical College Admission Test, similar to NEET in India.
3. Prepare and sit for the MCAT.
4. If you clear the MCAT exam then you become eligible for admission for MBBS in USA.
5. After this you have to apply to Universities – like in India, and appear for counselling and a interview.

If you think that the above route is complicated, long and tedious and want to look at some alternate options to complete MBBS in USA then those options are also available.

There are a lot of Universities in Caribbean islands like Belize, Antigua, Saint Lucia which teach a few semesters in their campus there and remaining duration is taught in USA. These Universities also offer scholarships for MBBS in USA provided you get good marks and are a topper.

After MBBS Abroad it is important for a student to complete his MD also and preferable from abroad.

Is it necessary for me to come back to India or can I settle abroad?

Many Indian students who complete MBBS from abroad get opportunities to settle abroad if they do their post graduation and become specialists. In foreign countries Doctors earn a lot – much more than India. The top 10 places in the world where a Doctor’s earnings are ighest in the world are:

CountryAnnual Salary in US$Annual Salary in Rs.

If you complete MBBS from abroad then what that degree is known as in that country:

CountryDegree awarded
MBBS in AustraliaMBBS
MBBS in BahrainMB BCh BAO
MBBS in BangladeshMBBS
MBBS in ChinaBMED (Bachelor of Medicine). Since 2011, 49 Universities are allowed to issue MBBS degree
MBBS in EgyptMB BCh
MBBS in England, Wales & Northern IrelandMB, BCh
MBBS in GhanaMBChB
MBBS in GuyanaMB BS
MBBS in Hong KongMBBS & MBChB
MBBS in IndonesiaS.Ked
MBBS in IraqMB ChB
MBBS in IrelandMB BCh BAO
MBBS in JordanMBBS
MBBS in KenyaMB ChB
MBBS in MalaysiaMBBS
MBBS in MexicoMédico cirujano
MBBS in MyanmarMB BS
MBBS in New ZealandMB ChB
MBBS in Saudi ArabiaMBBS
MBBS in ScotlandMB ChB
MBBS in SingaporeMB BS
MBBS in SomaliaMB ChB and MMBS
MBBS in South AfricaMBChB & MBBCh
MBBS in South SudanMBBS
MBBS in Sri LankaMBBS
MBBS in UgandaMBChB
MBBS in VietnamBachelor of Medicine
MBBS in WalesMB BCh
MBBS in West IndiesMB BS
MBBS in ZambiaMBChB
MBBS in ZimbabweMBChB and MBBS


1st (First) MBBS – also known as pre-clinical course it consists of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry and it lasts for one year.

2nd (Second) MBBS – lasts for 1½ years and consists of Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Forensic Medicine.

These are followed by short postings (15 days) in Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Forensic Medicine, Skin& Leprosy & Respiratory Medicine & TB.

3rd (Final) MBBS Part 1– consists of 1 year where Social and Preventive Medicine (Community Medicine), Ear, Nose & Throat and Opthalmology form the core subjects.

4th (Final) MBBS Part 2 – is of 1 year duration with focussed training in 4 basic clinical subjects namely Medicine, Surgery (including orthopaedics), Paediatrics, Obstetrics& Gynaecology.

Permanent Registration (license to practice) and the final Medical Degree is given only after successful and satisfactory completion of the Compulsory Rotatory Resident Internship (also known as CRRI).

Internship – After successfully completing MBBS, a candidate has to compulsorily work in the hospital attached to the Medical College, or in any other approved hospital allowed is some Medical Colleges, for a period of 1 year.

The intern is rotated along various specialities and are entrusted with clinical responsibilities under the supervision of Medical teacher or Resident / PGT / Senior Medical Officer. Interns are not supposed to issue Medical Certificates, Death certificates or medico-legal documents under their own signature. Besides standard clinical care, Interns also get a thorough experience of ward management, staff management and counselling skills.

MBBS Abroad

In India, as all of us are aware – there is a huge shortage of seats for MBBS aspirants. All over India there are nearly 50,000 MBBS seats but aspirants are more than 20 times the capacity and many go home disappointed despite preparing well and sitting for many entrance exams.

On the other hand, India has a huge shortage of Doctors. The Doctor – Patient ratio is amongst the lowest in the world. According to a World Bank report, in 2013 India had only 7 doctors for every 1000 people. Even smaller countries have better ratio than India. For example Malta has 35 Doctors per 1000 population.

Source: http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SH.MED.PHYS.ZS

In 2013 Indian Journal of Medical Research had predicted a shortage of over 6 lac Doctors in India. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3724242/

With such huge demand – supply gap in both training of students and requirement of trained Doctors – every year huge number of Indian students opt for pursuing their MBBS degree from abroad.

Though every Indian dreams of pursuing higher studies in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc., unfortunately Indian students are not eligible for to pursue MBBS there after their 10+2. These countries do not recognize Indian 10+2 as their entry eligibility criteria and students have to complete their B.Sc. Biology degree to be able to sit for entrance exams in these countries which are extremely competitive and tough. The cost of MBBS studies in these countries is also extremely high – a few crores are required to complete MBBS there.

Developed Western countries also do not accept Indian 10+2 as it does not meet there entry requirement. They need minimum 13 years of study. In this case student shave to complete their B.Sc. Biology 1st year here and moreover proficiency in local language is a must. For example, if an Indian candidate wishes to pursue MBBS in Germany then he has to have proficiency in German language and needs to clear 4 levels of German language exams – A1, A2, B1& B2.

However, many countries especially in the former USSR region, Philippines, China etc. accept Indian students after 10+2. In this section we will have a look at some of the options available.
Education in these countries is economical & affordable.

Before making a decision, some points are to be kept in mind, some of them being:

1. Is the University recognized by the Medical Council of India? If the University is not recognized then the degree is not valid in India.
2. Is the University recognized by World Health Organization?
3. Is the University listed in International Medical Education Directory?
4. Is the medium of teaching English?

Further, according to the Medical Council of India regulations, every Indian student who completes his MBBS from abroad (known as Foreign Medical Graduate) has to clear Medical Screening Test in India before he car start to practice. This examination is known as “Foreign Medical Graduate Examination” (FMGE). This examination is conducted by National Board of Examinations (NME) on behalf of Medical Council of India.

A mandatory requirement for eligibility for FMGE is that the University / Medical School from here the candidate has completed his/her education is listed in the International Medical Education Director. (www.imed.org)

Now let us take a look at some of the options for Indian students for MBBS abroad

MBBS in Ukraine

Every year 1000’s of Indian students opt for pursuing their MBBS from one or the other Government Universities of Ukraine. Ukraine has a very well developed infrastructure and provides a safe & secure environment – especially for girl students. Ukraine is the home to some of the best Medical Universities – some even more than 200 years old. A few of the Government MBBS Universities are:

NameEstablished In
V..N. Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University1804
Kharkiv National Medical University1805
Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy1916
Odessa State Medical University1900
Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University1945
Kiev National Medical University1992

All these Universities are recognized by Medical Council of India and have a very noteworthy history with a strong contribution to the medical fraternity.

Cost for studying MBBS in Ukraine (Duration 6 years with Internship) can be between Rs. 28 lacs to Rs. 35 lacs which includes 6 year tuition fee, hostel, food, 6 year return air tickets and other personal expenses. Many Universities have Indian food available – including Vegetarian. In each University 1000 of Indian students are studying and all major Indian festivals are celebrated on the campus.

MBBS in Russia

Russia is a huge country that is part of the intercontinental landmass known as Eurasia. The country has emerged as one of the leading economies in the 21st century era. Russia has seen an enormous development, and it is now one of the leading destinations for medical science research and education. International students have shown keen interest to study MBBS in Russia, many known medical institutions receive queries for MBBS Admission in Russia from international students.

Many Indian students are looking for MBBS in Russia because of affordable fee and the number of opportunities. As we know the expenses of medical study in western country are very high in cost, but study MBBS in Russia for Indian students is within the budget of expenses. And no doubt Russia is a sound cultivates country and at the higher level in the medical field which gives the students a great advantage.

Some of the well know Universities popular with Indian students are:

NameEstablished In
Kazan State Medical University1814
I.M. Schenov Moscow State Medical Academy1758
Tver State Medical Academy1936
Volgograd State Medical University1935
Crimea State Medical University1918

MBBS can be completed in Russia in around 30-35 lacs over a period of 6 years including all expenses like tuition fee, hostel, insurance, air tickets etc.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Asia. The country shares borders with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. Bishkek is the largest city of Kyrgyzstan and its capital also.

There are numerous medical institutions and universities known for high standard medical education offered to students. Many students from all across the world send in their queries to get admission in MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is popular with Indian students as it is the cheapest country to do MBBS. Tuition fee is very reasonable and the entire 6 year course can be completed in 20-22 lacs including all expenses.

Some of the Universities popular with Indian students are:

NameEstablished In
Osh State Medical University1992
Jalalabad State University1993
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University1993
International School of Medicine (Semi Govt.)1933

MBBS in Philippines

Philippines is fast becoming popular with Indian students. Philippines follows American Curriculum and MBBS (known as MD) duration in Philippines is 4 years. However, Indian all Indian students – after 10+2 have to attend compulsory BS program which is from 12 to 18 months duration at different Universities / Colleges.

Some of the Universities popular with Indian students are:

NameEstablished In
Our Lady Fatima University1967
AMA School of Medicine
Emilo Aguinaldo College1957
Bicol Christian College of Medicine1975

As compared to Ukraine, Russia & Kyrgyzstan – Studies are tough in Philippines – minimum pass marks in each subject / each test is 70%. Hence it is advisable that extremely academically brilliant students should opt for this country.

Pass percentage in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan is same as in Indian Medical School i.e. 50%.

MBBS in China

China is also a very popular destination with Indian students. If a student is willing to cook on his own, only then as Indian food is not available in most of the Universities. It becomes more challenging for a student who is pure vegetarian. However China is still preferred by many.

Good ranking Universities accept only brilliant students – who have scored in their 80’s and 90’s. Some of the popular Universities are:

NameEstablished In
Capital Medical University1960
Dalian Medical University1947
Huazhong University of Science & Technology1907
Xian Jiatong University1896
Shandong University1901
Xiamen Medical University1921