How I became a Doctor: Thanks to MBBS Abroad


My name is pooja and I like to share my experience about MBBS abroad.  When i started searching information on internet about MBBS in USA OR MBBS in abroad I feel so worried because i don’t know much about the universities and rules regulations. There are so many options to study MBBS Abroad

MBBS in America was my dream, as American Universities are vey popular. But it has so many formalities. In America, admission process for MBBS is very tough. The cost of living and accommodation is also very high which is beyond the reach of middle class candidates.

My parents can’t afford fees and accommodation charges to studying MBBS in America, so I feel very sad but my only dream is to become a doctor. But I continued my search on Internet and I found many options for MBBS abroad.

Finally I decided to join Kyrgyzstan Osh University which is much cheaper that studying MBBS in America There are four Universities i.e. .  Jalalabad University, ISM University,   Slavic Medical University and Osh university but for me, Osh is the best University where I can do my MBBS.

I found study MBBS in abroad is pocket friendly for any Indian student. However MBBS in abroad happens to be great option since the fees structure of MCI approved universities is very low.

Kyrgyzstan Osh University is becoming the top destination for Indian students to go and pursue MBBS in abroad. Low tuition fees and living and studying in Kyrgyzstan is very cost effective.  If you compare with India in relation to Kyrgyzstan for pursuing  MBBS. Kyrgyzstan is not very rich country so even a middle class student can afford to live there. In Kyrgyzstan, Living is cheaper than India so student can a high quality life style in a low budget. I think above factors are attracting students to go abroad to study MBBS there.

The cost of Flight is also very low as it is just Rs 35000 for round trip I belong to middle class family and for me abroad study for MBBS is like a dream. But if you ignore that development factor in Kyrgyzstan, it is a very nice option for middle class students and all MBBS aspirants, who are fighting here to get a MBBS seat.

They can go to Kyrgyzstan and pursue their MBBS course. I am very happy that I have taken a right decision to go abroad for MBBS study and now all my friends are also eager to join Abroad University to pursue their MBBS study. I am fully assured that studying in Abroad University may fulfil the dream for achieving my goal i.e pursuing MBBS Course. By becoming doctor, I want to serve those people who actually need medication and they could not afford them due to lack of money.