How I became a Doctor: Thanks to SEED Study MBBS Abroad


I would like to share a story with you all students about Study MBBS abroad. I would like to tell you that I belong from a Brahmin, Indian family. Since childhood I had a dream about study MBBS in abroad because I always wanted to live a life style of foreign but my family members wants meet to study in such country wherein I can get the Indian food and lifestyle both.

I started the internet research after 12th and then I realised that there are many universities which are actually good and the cost was also feasible for me.

Then I got an opportunity to meet the Seed education consultant through internet wherein I got the information about each and every university in different countries.MBBS IN PHILIPPINES OR MBBS IN EUROPE FOR INDIAN STUDENT AND MUCH MORE ABOUT MBBS IN BANGALADESH.

Then I thought that I will start my own research about the universities and got huge amount of responses from internet , but now I had the major problem which is related to food as I am vegetarian and because of this I was not able to decide which university would be better to pursue MBBS.

Also after internet research and information gathered from seed consultant that to pursue MBBS the best country is Bangladesh for Indian student as the place is just awesome with lovely city and I have also contacted a student who studies at Bangladesh through seed consultant.

The total fees for pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh was around 35-40 lakh for 6 years which is under my budget but the major problem was I will not get vegetarian food there as it is not available.
Therefore I have again started the internet research for MBBS in PHILIPPINES and it is a beautiful country and hare best university over there.

And they follow USA rules and the fees structure was somewhere around 35 lakh and again that was under my budget. But the availability of sea food was huge in comparison with Indian food. The Indian food was served in less numbers.

After all these struggle I have finally contacted seed consultant and they have informed me about the best MBBS in Europe for Indian student also I have gathered information about UKRAIN university and the fees was low in comparison to other universities, the fees was almost 25 lakh and Indian food was also available there and I found it as a better option as I didn’t get any other.

Now my dream has come true to study in abroad and I am very much happy also I have got the Indian friends and vegetarian food as well.

My parents are also happy that I got admission in best MBBS education.