Get Admission in MBBS in Foreign Universities

I am Ankit Singh from New Delhi and I would like to share my experience when I failed to get MBBS admission in India and saw my dreams of becoming a Doctor shattering.

Just when I had lost all hope, one of my neighbor asked me why I am not considering doing MBBS in China.

I had never heard nor was aware that Indian students go for MBBS admission abroad. This conversation with my neighbor gave me a new hope and a direction and my morale got boosted.

I enquired from my teachers but they had very little information and could not help me. I then decided to do my own research on MBBS Abroad.

While browsing the internet I found out that many students Study MBBS in China as it is cost effective and the quality of education in China is good.

My further research led me to believe that MBBS in China for Indian students is not only cost effective but is also approved by Indian Government i.e. MCI.

During my research I was surprised that every year many Indian students go for MBBS abroad as there are very few MBBS seats in India.

Later while browsing the internet I found MBBS abroad consultant SEED Education at New Delhi and decided to go and meet them.

When I reached their office I was surprised that there were so many students waiting there for counselling on MBBS Admission Abroad.

In their office a seminar on MBBS in China for Indian students was in progress and I decided to attend it as it was free of cost. In the seminar I learn that in China there are very good, reputed Government Universities which accept Indian students and that is why MBBS in China is popular with Indian students. The quality of MBBS education in China is at par with Indian Medical Colleges and their degree is also accepted in India. During the presentation we were shown a lot of videos & photographs and interviews with Indian students who are already doing MBBS in China.

The presentation lasted for almost 2 hours where we were given a lot of information and attending the information session benefitted me a lot.

We were also informed in the seminar that after completing MBBS in China we have to clear MCI screening test before we can practice in India. They told us in detail about the MCI screening test, how many times it is conducted, detailed syllabus, and where we have to register online for it.

I was very much impressed and immediately took a decision to Study MBBS in China and informed my parents.

Next day I visited them again and completed my admission formalities and now I am here in China Medical University pursuing my dream to become a Doctor.