MBBS in Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets, Ukraine
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    Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets, Ukraine   Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets, Ukraine

About the University

1. Bogomolets National Medical University (BNMU) is located in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine.
2. Established in 1841 – the University completed 175th anniversary in 2016.
3. In 2011, BNMU was the 1st every medical university of Ukraine which transferred to the new methodology – European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
4. 2015 saw the University passing the certification on quality management according to the requirements of international standard – ISO 9001:2008 – the 1st University in Ukraine to do so.
5. Bogomolets National Medical University has over 1,200 teachers and over 14,000 students – with roughly 1700 being foreigners from 64 countries including India.
6. The MBBS program of BNMU is recognized by World Health Organization and approved by Medical Council of India (MCI).
7. Bogomolets National Medical University has:

   (i) 10 faculties and 87 departments
   (ii) 2 Scientific Research Institutes
   (iii) Educational Scientific Center – Ukranian Training Centre of Family Medicine.
   (iv) Institute of Poastgraduate education.

8. In 2016 the University for the 1st time in it’s history enrolled the maximum foreign students – 561 – from all parts of the world.
9. University infrastructure includes:

   (i) 8 academic buildings
   (ii) lecture hall for over 2.8 thousand places
   (iii) library with internet center
   (iv) 28 computer classrooms
   (v) 6 hostels
   (vi) 2 public catering centers
   (vii) health & recereation resort
   (viii) healthcamp “Medic” where students have rest during summer free of charge.

10. Bogomolets National Medical University has one of the best clinical which includes 142 bases where 8,400 beds are deployed – 70,000 + operations are performed annual and over 15,000 babies are delivered every year.
11. BNMU’s dental medical center is the biggest in Europe and over 3,00,000 patients come every year.
12. BNMU is the co-founder of Inter-University Center of Science & Cooperation in countries of Southern and South eastern Europe (Italy), East European Network of Universities (Poland).
13. BNMU participates in 27 educational and 49 scientific international projects.
14. The University has 19 sports clubs with 2,000 students as members, famous sportsmen winners in European championships, record breakers in Guiness book study.

Kiev City

1. Kiev is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine.
2. Kiev is an important industrial, scientific, cultural and educational center of Eastern Europe and home to many higher educational institutions.
3. The city is home to the richest and has an extensive well developed infrastructure including the Kiev Metro.
4. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009, Kiev was the only Commonwealth of Independent States city to be included in the Top 30 European Green City index.
5. Kiev is home to 2 World Heritage sites – St. Sophia Catherdal and the Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of Caves).
6. Kiev is a green city and it is said that one can walk from one end of Kiev to the other in the summertime without leaving the shade of its many trees.
7. Since introducing a visa-free regime for EU-member states and Switzerland in 2005, Ukraine has seen a steady increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting the country.

Kiev Annual Weather Pattern

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Ukraine

Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets Ukraine Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets Ukraine

In 1840, His Highness Emperor Mykola I, signed the Highest Rescript about opening the medical Course at St. Volodymyr University which is the beginning of National Medical University n.a. O.O.Bogomolets. Council of St. Volodymyr University approved the decision about opening the 1st medical Course in September 1841.

Kiev Institute of Health Care was renamed into Kiev State Medical Academy, which later became Kiev medical institute in 1921. In 1946 Kiev Medical Institute was given with the name of the President of Academy of Sciences of UkrSSR O.O. Bogomolets. In 1992 The institute was reorganized into Ukrainian O.O. Bogomolets state medical university which in the year 1995 By the Decree from the President of Ukraine the university received the status of O.O. Bogomolets National medical university.

The University is now One of European’s most highly ranked medical universities which offers variety of undergraduate and Post graduate medical courses. The university has Medical technologies of highest standards, purpose-designed, modern, interdisciplinary campus facilities. Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets is the only Ukrainian Medical University, cooperating with numerous European universities.

Over 13,000 students, doctors-interns, masters, residents, post-graduates and persons, working for doctor’s degree, among which about 1,200 foreign citizens. The University has agreements with 43 international and foreign organizations and institutions, co-founder of Interuniversity center of science and cooperation in countries in South and South-Eastern Europe, East European chain of universities, participant in 27 educational and 49 scientific international projects.

S.No.Name of the UniversityTuition Fee/YearHostel/yearTotal in US$ 1st YearEstimate in INR 1st yearYearly in US$ 2nd to 6th YearsYearly 2nd to 6th Year Yearly Estimate in INR
1 Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets US$ 4,300/- US$ 1,000/- US$ 5,300/- Rs. 3,44,500/- US$ 5,300/- Rs. 3,44,500/-
2Kharkiv National Medical University - Hostel 5US$ 4,800/-US$ 1,200/- US$ 6,000/- Rs. 3,90,000/- US$ 6,000/- Rs.3,90,000/-
Kharkiv National Medical University - Hostel 4 US$ 4,800/- US$ 900/- US$ 5,700/- Rs. 3,70,500/- US$ 5,700/- Rs. 3,70,500/-
3V.N. Karazina Kharkiv National University US$ 4,000/- US$ 1,100/- US$ 5,100/- Rs. 3,31,500/- - -
2nd to 6th year feesUS$ 3,700/-US$ 1,100/---US$ 4,800/-Rs. 3,12,000/-
4Kiev Private Medical University UAFMUS$ 3,500/-US$ 1,000/- US$ 4,500/- Rs. 2,92,500/- US$ 4,500/- Rs. 2,92,500/-
5Lviv National Medical UniversityUS$ 4,300/- US$ 700/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/-
6Odessa National Medical University* US$ 4,000/-* US$ 1,000/- US$ 5,000/-Rs. 3,25,000/- US$ 4,800/- Rs. 3,12,000/-
7 Vinnitsa National Medical University US$ 4,400/- US$ 600/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/-
8 Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University US$ 4,200/- US$ 800/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 4,55,000/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/-
9 Ternopil State Medical University US$ 4,300/- US$ 700/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/-
10 Zaporozhye State Medical University US$ 4,200/- US$ 800/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/- US$ 5,000/- Rs. 3,25,000/-
11 Sumy State University Medical School US$ 4,000/- US$ 350/- US$ 4,350/- Rs. 2,82,750/- US$ 4,350/- Rs. 2,82,750/-
12 Uzhgorod National University US$ 3,500/- US$ 850/- US$ 4,350/- Rs. 2,82,750/- US$ 4,350/- Rs. 2,82,750/-

*Odessa National Medical University - the fee increases every year by US$ 300/-.

Please note:
1. Hostel is compulsory for 1st year.
2. From 2nd year onwards majority of students stay outside the Hostel as private accommodation is cheaper and offers more luxury & privacy. If the student wants to continue in the hostel they can do so by paying the hostel charges.
3. Insurance extra US$ 200/- every year.
4. One Time Charge extra USD 2,000/- for university in S.No.1. For S.No.2, 3 and 4, the one time charge is $1500. For S.No. 5 -12, the one time charge if $1800 payable directly to the university.
5. Food & Personal Expenses extra. Food estimates around Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 7,000/- per month depending upon personal habits.
6. Air Ticket extra approximately Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- one way.
7. 1st year Admission, Visa Processing & Service Charges extra.
8. 1 USD is calculated @ Rs. 65/-. Estimate may vary depending on Currency fluctuation which is not in our hands.


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