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Study MBBS in Russia at Low Cost: Duration 6 years

Russia is a huge country that is part of the intercontinental landmass known as Eurasia. It shares its borders with many countries in eastern and Western Europe, China, Mongolia and North Korea. The country has emerged as one of the leading economies in the 21st century era. Russia has seen an enormous development , and it is now one of the leading destinations for medical science research and education. International students have shown keen interest to study MBBS in Russia, many known medical institutions receive queries for MBBS Admission in Russia from international students.

Many Indian students are looking for MBBS in Russia because of affordable fee and the number of opportunities. As we know the expenses of medical study in western country are very high in cost, but study MBBS in Russia for Indian students is within the budget of expenses. And no doubt Russia is a sound cultivates country and at the higher level in the medical field which gives the students a great advantage. MBBS admission in Russia academic year starts from the September. So Indian students could plan for MBBS admission in Russia easily with an Indian academic year at affordable fees.

Some of these known medical institutions and universities are Kursk State Medical University, Kazan State Medical University, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU), Peoples’ Friendship University (PFU), Russian State Medical University, etc. the currency exchange rate of Russian currency acts favorable for international students coming from different countries. This has introduced the affordability factor of specialized medical education to the students. Due to affordability, the student can pursue MBBS in Russia at Low Cost.

S.No. Name of the University City Established In Tution Fee / year Hostel / Year Total / year Total in INR */ Year
1 Skyttyvkar State Medical University Skyttyvkar 1972 USD 3,500.00 USD 500.00 USD 4,000.00 Rs. 2,60,000.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 3,000.00 USD 500.00 USD 3,500.00 Rs. 2,27,500.00
2 Kuban State Medical University Krasnodar 1920 USD 4,000.00 USD 500.00 USD 4,500.00 Rs. 2,92,500.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 3,500.00 USD 500.00 USD 4,000.00 Rs. 2,60,000.00
3 Siberian State Medical University Tomsk 1930 USD 4,000.00 USD 600.00 USD 4,600.00 Rs. 2,99,000.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 3,500.00 USD 600.00 USD 4,100.00 Rs. 2,66,500.00
4 Irkustk State Medical University Irkustk 1930 USD 4,000.00 USD 800.00 USD 4,800.00 Rs. 3,12,000.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 3,500.00 USD 800.00 USD 4,300.00 Rs. 2,79,500.00
5 Tula State University Tula 1930 USD 4,500.00 USD 500.00 USD 5,000.00 Rs. 3,25,000.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 4,000.00 USD 500.00 USD 4,500.00 Rs. 2,92,500.00
6 Kirov State Medical Academy Kirov 1987 USD 4,200.00 USD 400.00 USD 4,600.00 Rs. 2,99,000.00
7 Crimea State Medical University Crimea 1918 USD 3,500.00 USD 1,200.00 USD 4,700.00 Rs. 3,05,500.00
8 Orenburg State Medical University Orenburg 1944 USD 4,750.00 USD 750.00 USD 5500.00 RS. 3,57,500.00
9 Kazan State Medical University Kazan 1814 USD 5,000.00 USD 300.00 USD 5,300.00 Rs. 3,44,500.00
10 Saratov State Medical University Saratov 1909 USD 4,500.00 USD 400.00 USD 4900.00 Rs. 3,18,500.00
11 Bashkir State Medical University
Package Plan 1st year USD 12,307.00
Ufa, Kirvosky 1909 USD 1847.00 Included USD 21542.00 Package
Rs. 14,00,000.00
12 Stavropol State Medical University Stavropol 1938 USD 4,400.00 USD 700.00 USD 5100.00 Rs. 3,31,500.00
13 Novosibirsk State University Novosibirsk 1959 USD 5,000.00 USD 500.00 USD 5,500.00 Rs. 3,57,500.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 4,500.00 USD 500.00 USD 5,000.00 Rs. 3,25,000.00
14 Nizhny Novgorad State Medical University Nizhny Novgorad 1916 USD 5,450.00 USD 250.00 USD 5,850.00 Rs. 3,80,250.00
15 Volgograd State Medical University Volgograd 1935 USD 5,630.00 USD 500.00 USD 6,200.00 Rs. 4,03,000.00
16 Belgorod State University Belgorod 1876 USD 5,700.00 USD 500.00 USD 6,200.00 Rs. 4,03,000.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 5,200.00 USD 500.00 USD 5,700.00 Rs. 3,70,500.00
17 Tver State Medical University Tver 1936 USD 7,000.00 Included USD 7,000.00 Rs. 4,55,000.00
18 Kursk State Medical University* Kursk 1935 USD 6,000.00 Included USD 6,000.00 Rs. 3,90,000.00
19 I.M.Sechenov Moscow State Medical Academy Moscow 1758 USD 7,200.00 USD 1,200.00 USD 8,400.00 Rs. 5,46,000.00
20 People’s Friendship University Moscow 1960 USD 9,050.00 Included USD 9,050.00 Rs. 5,88,250.00
21 Smolensk State Medical University Smolensk 1920 USD 5,000.00 USD 1,000.00 USD 6,000.00 Rs. 3,90,000.00
22 Ryazan State Medical University
Package Fee 1st Year USD 12,307.00
Ryazan 1943 USD 1847.00 Included USD 21,542.00 Package
Rs. 14,00,000.00
23 Northern State Medical University
Package Fee 1st Year USD 12,307.00
Arkhangelsk 1932 USD 1,847.00 Included USD 21,542.00 Package
Rs. 14,00,000.00
24 Crimea Federal University Simferopol 1918 USD 4,000.00 Included USD 4,000.00 RS. 2,60,000.00
2nd to 6th year fees USD 2,500.00 Included USD 2,500.00 RS. 1,62,500.00

*If student does not want to continue in hostel from second year onwards, he has to inform the university authorities in advance. Medical insurance: extra $200 per year.

Please note:
1. *1st year One Time Charge extra US$ 1,300/- (Rs. 84,500/-). Hostel includes Insurance US# 200/- every year.
2. For Universities S.No. 2 onwards Insurance extra approx. USD 150/- to 200/- per year payable at the University locally upon arrival.
3. Airport transfers from Moscow to other cities will be around USD 100/- to 150/-.
4. The above Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED etc. and the course is taught in English Medium.
5. 1st Year Fee includes hostel. Fees from 2nd year onwards includes Insurance but excludes Hostel.
6. From 2nd year onwards majority of students stay outside the Hostel as private accommodation is cheaper and offers more luxury & privacy.
If the student wants to continue in the hostel they can do so by paying the hostel charges.
7. Food & Personal Expenses extra. Food estimates around Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 7,000/- per month depending upon personal habits.
8. Staying in the Hostel for 1st year is compulsory and the cost is included in the above estimates.
9. Air Ticket extra approximately Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- one way.
10. 1st year Admission, Visa Processing & Service Charges extra.
11. 1 USD is calculated @ Rs. 65/-. Estimate may vary depending on Currency fluctuation which is not in our hands.


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