Study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students – Admissions Open for 2019 session

Study MBBS in Russia for Indian students is now easy with SEED. SEED MBBS brings you the once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue MBBS in Russia for Indian students.

Old is Gold – and how true is this saying? This statement holds 100% for Study MBBS in Russia for Indian students.

Russia has written its name in golden letters as far as training of Indian aspirants is concerned in the field of Medicine.

Russia has a very robust education system and is a country with 99.6% literacy rate.

Till last year, MBBS admission in Russia was without NEET for Indian students but from this year every Indian candidate is required to qualify in NEET to be eligible for MBBS Admission in Russia.

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Russia trains the maximum of International students to become Doctors for number of reasons, some of them being:

1.  Low Cost.

2.  Easy Admission process.

3.  Safe & Secure Environment.

4.  Well developed Modern curriculum.

5.  Fully equipped and modern lecture halls, laboratories etc

6.  The Russian higher school has more than 650 state universities in which more than 9 million students are studying, of which 210,000 are international students from 200 countries around the world.

7. MBBS in Russia for Indian students gives the possibility to choose between 300 branches and specialties in medicine, engineering and technical, economic and human sciences.

8.  The Russian higher school is based on the principles of basic and applied science. It is this which has allowed the prodigious discoveries of the Russian scientists who favor the development of scientific thought for years to come.

9.  Higher education in Russia guarantees a high quality of education. The faculty are highly qualified since 80% of them hold the rank of Professors of Science/Doctor of Science.

10. Graduate studies in Russia enjoy the worldwide prestige of its universities thanks to its history of more than 100 years.

11.  Medical Universities of Russia are not only recognized by the Medical Council of India but in many cases are looked upon as a benchmark for achievement.

Study MBBS in Russia – World Class Education & International Exposure

Russia, the world’s largest nation is one of the most sought after destinations among the aspirants who want to study MBBS in abroad. With the wide list of MBBS colleges in Russia, it has become a hub for Indian students to study MBBS abroad in 2017. MBBS in Russia reviews in Quora reveals that Russia is one of the best destinations on the global scale if you want to study MBBS abroad to gain International exposure and world class medical education within a reasonable budget range. The curriculum of medical education competes with various European universities and language of interaction and communication is both Russian and English as well. Now, MBBS in Russia for Indian Students has become one of the topmost choices.

Why Should You Study MBBS in Russia?

Affordable Fees -Having plethora of medical universities and colleges throughout Russia is one of the prominent reasons for low-cost admission and tuition fees. Foreign students prefer Russia for budget friendly education. MBBS in Russia for Indian students is available with less fees in the world. This is the reason for Russia being one of the foremost choices for MBBS abroad for Indian students. We at SEED MBBS help the aspirants in getting enrolled in a medical college to pursue low cost MBBS in Russia. Besides charging affordable fees, the quality of education here is unmatched, and modern medical education is provided here.

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World Class Education – All Russian medical institutions here are known among the foreign students for providing world class education, enriched with the latest advancements in the medical science. Using innovative technologies, the Russian faculty focus on practical guidance apart from imparting all sorts of theoretical knowledge. We at SEED MBBS, have listed the top colleges having veteran faculty and well developed technological environment for most advanced medical education.

International Exposure – MBBS in Russia for Indian students provides the advantage of International exposure by getting in touch with the students and faculty from all around the globe. The discussions and practical education provide International exposure of medical science to the students.

Low MBBS in Russia Eligibility – A higher secondary pass out student having a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology is eligible to get admission to study MBBS in Russia. At SEED MBBS, the percentage is not a barrier to measure the talent. We help students in getting admission to the top colleges without any burden of entrance exam. It also becomes one of the top reasons for the Indian students to contact SEED MBBS for study MBBS in abroad needs.

Eligibility Criteria of MBBS in Russia for Indian students
Russia is truly a land of medical experts for years and thus it is considered as a dream destination for Indian aspirants to study MBBS in Russia. As per the new rules declared by the Medical Council of India, it is essential for Indian aspirant to study MBBS in Russia only in the Universities which are recognized by the top organizations like the UNESCO and WHO.
Considering this fact that MBBS in Russia for Indian students has an exceptional reputation, let’s check out the eligibility criteria required to seek admission:
Required Age: To study MBBS in Russia, an aspirant must have accomplished the age of 17 years on or before the date of admission in the desired course. An aspirant should not be more than 25 years as this is the maximum age limit to seek MBBS admission in Russia. Although, this age limit is extended by 5 years for all the reserved classes.
Minimum Score: An aspirant must have scored at least 50 percent marks in their 10+2 exam to study MBBS in Russia. The subject consists of in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. However, this requirement is for those candidates who belong to general category, the percentage is reduced to 40 percent for the candidates belonging to reserved categories.
Entrance Examination: There is no requirement of entrance exam to study MBBS in Russia. There is a provision of direct admission for Indian students. The admission process is purely on the basis of first come first served.
Nationality: An aspirant must be Indian National in order to seek MBBS admission in Russia.
Globally Recognized Degree – The degree which a student receives after completion of the MBBS program is worldwide accepted and accredited by MCI and WHO. Our experts at SEED have created the most credible list of colleges for MBBS in Russia for Indian students after visiting the colleges directly and interacting with the concerned management team. Their degrees are worldwide recognized and you don’t have to waste your precious time in getting worried about recognition and other formalities.

MCI Screening Test Preparation – The medical colleges which we have listed provide MCI training to the students so that after getting a graduate degree in MBBS, Indian students can clear the MCI test in an easy manner. The training is provided as per the MCI test patterns and the guidelines and students are well prepared even their course periods to crack the MCI screening test without any burden.

Communication Assistance – We have listed MBBS colleges in Russia which provide education in the English language. Our expertise says that learning the Russian language is a bit dis-comfortable for the Indian students who are going to study MBBS in abroad. So, we will take you the college where the medium of education will be English. Apart from your English preference, you would also get ample opportunity to learn Russian language. This language will also be taught to the students so that they can better communicate with the local public, patients and the faculty to explore and enhance their knowledge.

Ease of Internship – MBBS in Russia for Indian students enables them to join the Internship programs in their 6th (final) year of MBBS program. It is a great help to the Indian students to start their practice without obtaining any license or doing any formality. This helps in developing practical aspects among the students and when they come back to India, they have wide opportunities waiting to embrace their knowledge and skills.

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Variety of Career Options after Getting an MBBS Degree from Russia

Once your MBBS degree is in your hand, you have the plethora of career options to embark your journey further into the evergreen medical industry. You are already prepared with the tactics and the knowledge to pass the MCI screening test when you have taken admission to the college, recommended by the experts of SEED MBBS. Now, after visiting India back with the International exposure and the most advanced knowledge of the medical industry, you are efficient enough to pass the MCI test. Once you complete it, you can start your own clinic and become a reputed doctor in your area.

You can also become the visiting doctor of various prestigious hospitals if you do not want to run your own clinic or hospital. It can be counted in your professional experience and will provide you immense opportunity to establish yourself as a highly experienced and reputed doctor.

MBBS in Russia for Indian students provides you ample International exposure and shows your professionalism and diversity among other doctors as well as the patients. It helps you in establishing the credibility.

You are well versed with the latest technological innovation and advancements in the medical industries so, in the case of any emergency, you can better interact with the International doctors and can be a part of delegation team of International doctors.

On the other hand, if you want to study further to get more reputation, and then you can join Indian medical institutions or government medical colleges to pursue higher studies in medical science such as MD or PhD.

If you are really interested in getting golden opportunities in the medical sector and want to serve the society by being a prestigious doctor, then your one visit to SEED MBBS can open world of diverse options for you. We will offer you the best MBBS College in Russia to add wings to your dream of being a professional doctor.

Why Russia is a Preferred Destination for Indian Students to Study MBBS in Abroad?

Every aspirant looking for MBBS in Abroad should consider Russia as one of the important destination to Study MBBS in Abroad. This country is quite famous for the medical education it provides, particularly MBBS. And the reason is various Medical Colleges and Institutes that gained a reputation all around the globe. These colleges are under the regulation of the Russian Public Health Ministry. If you believe in facts, then you should know that most of the Indian students choose Russia as their destination to study MBBS in Abroad. But you must be thinking WHY???

The reasons are listed below

The degree that you gain from Russia is recognized globally and approved by the General Medical Council, World Health Organization, International Medical Education Directory, and other international bodies.
You are not doing any wrong if you label this country as a ‘hub for foreign students’ pursuing MBBS in Abroad. Most of the seats in the medical institutes have been occupied by the students from the other countries, including India.
Furthermore, the institutes are well-known for its excellent infrastructure, the presence of veteran faculty and providing the best variety of practical and theoretical knowledge to the medical students.
The admission process is quite simple and transparent, which provides a reason for Indian aspirant to consider Russia as their prior option for seeking MBBS Admission Abroad

MBBS Admission in Russia for Indian students is gaining popularity since the last decade as the quality of MBBS education in Russia is at ar with international standards and their degrees are recognized worldwide.

Further, MBBS admission in Russia is direct without any entrance exam and Indian students also do not have to pay any donation to get admission for MBBS in Russia. List of MBBS Colleges in Russia offering such admissions is available in the website.

Many Indian students prefer to take MBBS admission in Russia as Russia offers a safe and secure environment to international students and many Russian Medical Universities have Indian mess facilities also.

MBBS in Russia duration is 6 years and the course is taught in English medium to International students. List of Medical Colleges in Russia approved by MCI is available on the official website of Medical Council of India. 

Another major factor that attracts Indian students for MBBS in Russia is the fee structure which is offered by these Medical Universities. Almost all Universities offering MBBS in Russia are Government Universities and as a result the fees are economical and compared to the fee structure of the Government Medical Colleges in India.

Apart from MBBS in Russia Indian Students Fee Structure being economical and affordable by Indian middle class families, the Indian students also have the opportunity to claim various scholarships during the course of the MBBS study in Russia. These scholarships cover the tuition fee portion.

Bank Loans for MBBS in Russia entire duration are also provided by Indian Government & Private Sector Banks on low interest rates. Many Private Financial companies also offer education loans to Indian students for MBBS in Russia. Banks easily and prefer to give loans to students who are applying for admission in Top Medical Universities in Russia for International Students.

Eligibility for doing MBBS in Russia for Indian students is very simple and the Medical Universities in Russia are very flexible. Generally, most of the Medical Universities accept Indian student’s Class 12 result where the aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Biology should be more than 50%.

MBBS in Russia Eligibility for candidates belonging to OBC/SC/ST category is 40% and more in PCB in Class 12th.

Further, there is no Age limit to study MBBS in Russia.

Many students and parents think that since it is easy to get MBBS admission in Russia MBBS in Russia is not good. This is not true. All the Medical Universities in Russia are listed in the International Directory of Medical Schools which is published by World Health Organization and the quality of education is very good.

We would like to mention a few Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students.

One of the major challenge or disadvantage of studying MBBS in Russia is that after completion of the course, Indian students have to clear the MCI Screening Test to be able to be eligible to practice as a Doctor in India.

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Also, Indian students have to have a good command over Russian language. All Medical Universities offer Russian language course for this purpose, which is included as a part of the Russian MBBS course curriculum.

If we compare Russian MBBS vs Indian MBBS, then Russia is a good option for Indian students to do MBBS in Russia unless and until they are getting admission in Indian Government Medical Colleges.

Fees in Indian Private Medical Colleges are very high and Indians can do MBBS at 1/10th the cost from Government Medical Colleges in Russia.

If one considers quality and international recognition incase of Russian MBBS vs Indian MBBS then there is no difference as bother the Medical degrees have equal recognition in the world.

From the above, it can be easily concluded that there are both Advantages & Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia. If a student is hard working, since, focused and determined to become a Doctor and to serve the humanity, then Advantages & Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia cannot stop one from achieving their dream. All a student needs to do to be successful is to adjust with the situation with a positive frame of mind.

It is interesting to note that Value of Russian MBBS Degree in India is extremely high in India and Indian Medical Graduates from Russia are also eligible to do jobs as a Doctor in Government hospitals of India.

Value of Russian MMBS Degree in India is equal to the Medical degree in India and students are also eligible to apply for PG entrance exam and do their Post graduation in India.

The above can be verified with the observations and answers in MBBS in Russia Quora questions and answers section, where many individuals have shared their experiences and success stories after completing MBBS in Russia.

MBBS in Russia review on various other blogs and websites apart from MBBS in Russia Quora section are also very positive and encouraging.

How to get admission in MBBS in Russia?

Indian students need the following documents for MBBS admission in Russia:

1. Class 10 Certificate and Mark sheet.
2. Class 11 Certificate and Mark sheet.
3. Class 12 Certificate and Mark sheet.
4. Valid Passport.

 List of Top Medical Universities & Colleges in Russia for International Students 

1. People’s Friendship University.
2. Bashkir State Medical University.
3. Tver State Medical University.
4. Volgograd State Medical University.
5. Kazan State Medical University,
6. Kursk State Medical University.

If you are interested in pursuing MBBS in Russia, click on and ask for the admission process.

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