Ningxia Medical University, China

Established in 1958 Ningxia Medical University was previously, Ningxia Medical College. It is located in Yinchuan, the capital city referred to as “South Beauty beyond the Great Wall” in the northwest. In 2008, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was promoted to a comprehensive medical university.

Ningxia Medical University China

As a comprehensive medical school, Ningxia Medical University covers the majors of Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy and other medical specialties; and has 3 levels of teaching programs for the postgraduates, undergraduates and three-year training students.

With the total assets of about 1.1 billion Yuan, the university covers an area of nearly 833,000 square meter. It consists of 17 teaching institutions, 10 teaching assistant departments, 4 scientific research institutions, 11 affiliated hospitals, 12 teaching hospitals, and over 90 training hospitals & field practice bases as well.

The General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University is a comprehensive first-class tertiary hospital integrating the clinical treatment, education, scientific research, examination and training etc. in Ningxia. It is one of the national 500 largest hospitals, and the medical service of the hospital covers the nearby areas of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Gansu province, etc.

At present, there are over 26,000 students in the university, including 9376 full-time students, 1256 postgraduates and 122 international students. The university forms professional discipline system with local characteristics, which focuses on medical disciplines, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine coexisting, and multi-discipline coordinated development.

The school enrolled its first batch of MBBS program students in 2006. In 2007, it was approved by MOE as the first universities qualified to offer MBBS program in English for international students. The well strengthened MBBS program has till now about 250 students from Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as full time students.

Ningxia Medical University has been actively conducting international exchange and cooperation programs. So far it has established academic and friendly collaborative relationships with many scientific research institutions and universities both at home and abroad.

Through more than half a century’s endeavour, Ningxia Medical University has become a quite influential and well-known higher learning medical institution with the coordinate developments in its scale, structure, quality and benefit of the nation.

University Financials

Tuition Fees/ Year 29,000 RMB
Accommodation / Year 6,000 RMB
Visa / Year 600 RMB
Insurance / Year 800 RMB
Misc. Charges / Year 1,500 RMB
Total RMB / Year 36,000 RMB
Total in INR @ Rs. 9.35
Rs. 3,36,600.00
In addition, in 1st year a One Time Charge of RMB 800/- (Rs. 7,480/-) is payable to the University.