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Study MBBS in China: 5 Years

China has seen tremendous growth and development in past 10 years. China shares its borders with countries like India; Bhutan, Nepal, Burma. The country is now host to some of the best science and technology research and development universities in the world.

China has become the main attraction for international students who are interested in pursuing education in different disciplines in china. Medical Science is also a specialized line of education that is in high demand globally and china offers high standards, in-depth and top quality education in the field of medical science. Many students send in their queries seeking admission in MBBS in China. Amongst the growing demand by the students for professional medical education. China is now host to some of the premier medical institution offering opportunity to study MBBS in China. Some of these medical institutions are Tianjin Medical University, Jiamusi University, Jinan University (JNU), Kunming Medical University (KMU), Shihezi University etc.

S.No. University Established In Tuition Fee /year in RMB/Rs. Fee for 5 years in Rs.
1 Xian Jiatong University 1896 RMB 40,000/ Rs. 3,74,000/- Rs. 18,70,000/-
2 Tongji University 1907 RMB 45,5000/ Rs. 4,20,750/- Rs. 21,03,750/-
3 Xuzhou Medical University 1958 RMB 30,000/Rs. 2,80,500/- Rs. 14,02,500/-
4 China Medical University 1931 RMB 40,000/Rs. 3,74,000/- Rs. 18,70,000/-
5 Zhejiang University 1897 RMB 42,800/Rs.4,00,180/- Rs. 20,00,900/-
6 Shandong University 1901 RMB 45,000/Rs. 4,20,750/- Rs. 21,03,750/-
7 Jiangsu University2001RMB 34,000 / Rs. 3,17,900/-Rs. 15,89,500/-
8 Nanjing Medical University1934RMB 34,000 / Rs. 3,17,900/-Rs. 15,89,500/-
9 HUST1953RMB 40,000 / Rs. 3,74,000/-Rs. 18,70,000/-
10 Fujian Medical University1937RMB 29,400 / Rs. 2,74,890/-Rs. 13,74,450/-
11 Xinjiang Medical University1956RMB 30,000 / Rs. 2,80,500/-Rs. 14,02,500/-
12 Dalian Medical University 1947RMB 40,000 / Rs. 3,74,000/-Rs. 18,70,000/-
13 Sun Yat Sen University 1924RMB 48,000 / Rs. 4,48,800/-Rs. 22,44,000/-
14 Jilin Medical University 1946 RMB 29,000 / Rs. 2,71,150/- Rs. 13,55,750/-
15 Fudan University1927RMB 70,000 / Rs. 6,54,500/-Rs. 32,72,500/-
16Ningxia Medical University1958RMB 29,000 / Rs. 2,71,150/- Rs. 13,55,750/-
17North Sichuan Medical College1951RMB 28,000 / Rs. 2,61,800/-Rs. 13,09,000/-
18Wenzhou Medical University1912RMB 30,000 / Rs. 2,80,500/-Rs. 14,02,500/-
19Huazhong University of Science and Technology1912RMB 40,000 / Rs. 3,74,000/-Rs. 18,70,000/-

Accommodation, food & other expenses extra. Please see University Information sheet for details.

The above Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED etc. and the course is taught in English Medium.

* RMB 1 = Rs. 9.35 approximately. Estimate in Indian Currency can change based upon the Foreign Exchange Rate.


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